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When I say the “eleven greatest weight lifting workouts” what I’m actually saying is that these are the confirmed classics which were proven to outcome within the biggest will increase in power and muscle mass within the shortest attainable time. They are the absolutely useful and pure actions carried out by skilled athletes, bodybuilders and private trainers. There’s nothing fancy or unorthodox about them. Unless you are utterly new to weight lifting, you’ve got in all probability seen all of them earlier than.

It’s time to get again to fundamentals individuals! I have many associates who inform me about sure new workouts they have been making an attempt out and it is clear they’ve simply jumped on the bandwagon of no matter new craze the advertising males have managed to dupe them into believing. Follow the workouts outlined under, which goal each main muscle in your physique, and consider me you will see noticeable outcomes in a short time as fats drops off and muscle tissues develop.

I’m purely specializing in the workouts themselves right here. However, please keep in mind that you must start any weight lifting program with a light-weight heat up and stretching. You additionally have to comply with an appropriate consuming plan relying on what your health objectives are.

Bench press

The bench press (chest press) ought to type part of any weight lifting program. It primarily works the chest muscle mass (the pectoralis main) and in addition the entrance of the shoulder muscular tissues (anterior deltoids) and triceps. This is a superb compound motion for creating your chest.


Performed in lots of a PE lesson and sometimes related to army punishment, there is a good cause why this timeless train continues to be value its place in any routine right now. It works the identical muscular tissues because the bench press however with the added benefit that it may be carried out anywhere at any time.

Shoulder press

This train is important in any weight lifting program. It primarily targets the deltoids, particularly the center part however your triceps are additionally concerned within the motion. A widespread mistake made within the fitness center is over coaching of the entrance of the shoulder as a result of trainers typically focus too closely on the bench press. The shoulder press will stability out this overdevelopment serving to to stop shoulder accidents.


This train works A main muscle teams. The shoulders, chest and triceps. The nearer your elbows are to your physique and the much less you lean ahead the larger the emphasis might be in your triceps.


There are many sorts to this train however all of them predominantly goal the lats, trapezius and again of the shoulders together with integrating the biceps.


The pull-up is a really troublesome train to grasp at first, however often gyms may have an assisted pull-up machine till you’ll be able to grasp them. The pull-up, just like the row, works each main muscle in your again alongside together with your biceps. The sooner you will get it into your weight lifting program the higher.

Back extension

This is important to constructing decrease again power and serving to with decrease again and posture issues. It targets the muscular tissues that run alongside the edges of the backbone thereby defending it.

Hanging knee increase

This hits the obliques, that are the muscle tissues that run diagonally alongside the edges of your torso together with the decrease a part of the rectus abdominis.


This train targets each a part of the rectus abdominis and the obliques.


The Squat is an important a part of any weight lifting program as a result of it targets each muscle within the decrease physique – the quadriceps, hamstrings, gluteals, calves, decrease again and abs. If you solely ever did one weight lifting train this must be it and it is the most effective workouts to drop extra pounds!


This train just about works each muscle behind your physique. It will present fast and spectacular outcomes if executed appropriately.

By May Wu

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