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The human physique has advanced right into a superbly operating organism that perform in a twenty-4-hour clock referred to as the circadian rhythm. Full spectrum lights are one reply to enhancing some issues associated to altering this inside clock.

Did You Know That Light Exposure Has Dramatic Effects On Your Health?

Light, particularly synthetic mild has a variety of results on human physiology and conduct and it could possibly alter human physique perform when inappropriately timed. One supply of potential mild-associated issues is the impact of adjusting the timing of sunshine publicity on the physique and its functioning hormonal rhythms.

Changes in mild-darkish publicity, just like the modifications in nighttime occupations and lengthy-distance (or trans-meridian) journey, can dramatically alter circadian perform, in order that inner hormonal rhythms can develop into desynchronized from each the exterior setting and inner physique perform. This impairs your capacity to sleep and wake on the applicable occasions and compromises bodily and metabolic processes. Examples of those are referred to as “jet lag,” and “sleep issues,” and the lengthy-time period results could be devastating to your physique.

Light may also have direct acute results on neuro-endocrine methods, for instance, in suppressing melatonin synthesis or elevating cortisol manufacturing which will have unfavorable lengthy-time period results on the physique by means of extreme weight achieve. Indeed, some research relate weight problems and different continual weight-associated circumstances in grownup populations to the prolonged variety of hours that the physique is disadvantaged sleep and/or uncovered to an excessive amount of mild.

When the National Institute of Environmental Health Sciences just lately assembled, a workshop of a various group of scientists met to think about how greatest to arrange and conduct analysis on attainable connections between lighting and well being. They designated three areas of research for mild publicity and physique perform.

First are the essential biophysical and molecular genetic physique features associated to mild publicity for circadian (24-hour biorhythm) rhythms and endocrine (glands producing hormones) regulation? In different phrases, how your physique’s nervous and glandular methods are affected by mild publicity.

Second are the potential physiologic penalties of disrupting your circadian clock’s regulatory processes with the hormone melatonin, and regular and new progress tissues and progress dynamics. In different phrases, the restore of broken tissue when you are at relaxation when your physique just isn’t uncovered to mild.

Third are results of sunshine-induced physiologic disruption on illness prevalence and prognosis. Also how prevention and remedy could also be improved by making use of this data to affected person care.

While these research are of their infancy, it’s sure that the discoveries associated to mild publicity will produce vital findings about your well being. Meanwhile, analysis has already been carried out relating to full spectrum lights and fluorescent lighting. It has been discovered that full-spectrum, pure mild is best for the human physique than some other type of artificially produced lighting. OttLites produces such full spectrum lights for house and workplace use.

By Denny Langston

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