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Stretch marks, medically generally known as striae, are a type of pores and skin scarring. They type because of dermis tearing. These marks can regularly diminish however won’t utterly disappear.

Striae often end result from speedy pores and skin stretching. The speedy stretching causes the dermis to interrupt down and lose its elasticity. When this occurs, microscopic bleeding and irritation happens, ensuing to the raised purple-purplish look of recent striae. These marks can heal over time, then turning into silvery white marks. Many circumstances can result in stretch marks formation. Rapid physique progress and weight achieve akin to those occurring throughout being pregnant, puberty, muscle constructing may result to the event of striae.

Aside from speedy pores and skin stretching, striae can be brought on by irregular formation of collagen. Conditions corresponding to diabetes and Cushing’s illness may cause such abnormality. Post-pregnant ladies and people who use cortisone compounds are additionally susceptible to getting the marks. These scars can be a results of hormonal modifications. Conditions which may trigger hormonal modifications embrace puberty, being pregnant, and hormone alternative remedy.

Striae can develop anyplace within the physique. However, they often type in elements the place fat, in giant quantities, are saved. The stomach, breasts, underarms, again, buttocks, hips, higher arms, and thighs are the most typical website of stretch marks formation.

Prevention of striae formation could be troublesome. Most striae prevention lotions don’t work, a few of them do work however solely to a sure extent. The reddish-purple marks will, nevertheless, ultimately disappear as soon as the supply of stretching or irregular collagen formation is gone. If the reason for the marks is speedy pores and skin stretching, one of the simplest ways to stop them is to keep away from speedy weight achieve.

There are quite a lot of stretch marks remedies out there-each surgical and nonsurgical strategies. Striae remedies embrace prescription retinoid, laser remedies, and dermabrasion. Over-the-counter lotions and ointments which declare to take away stretch marks aren’t often efficient as remedies.

Laser remedies, similar to fractional laser resurfacing and pulsed dye laser remedy, are often the remedy of selection for striae. However, marks which penetrates the dermis of the pores and skin cannot be eliminated by laser remedies. For the removing of such marks, a tummy tuck is often carried out.

Striae don’t pose any well being danger nor do they trigger any incapacity within the physique’s regular features. They can, nevertheless, trigger beauty issues. It is because of this why many people, notably ladies, search stretch marks remedy.

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