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These days you will discover all types of health packages in books, sports activities magazines and even on the Internet however there are not more than 5 good packages out there for scuba divers and of those 4 out of 5 are virtually the identical, the routines are very comparable.

After performing some critical analysis on what could possibly be the perfect health program for a scuba diver, I discovered Crossfit and I assume is the perfect. Why? As outlined of their web site, Crossfit is a core power and conditioning program. This program is used to coach police and army departments the world over, what’s extra fascinating; I additionally discovered that the Navy Seals use this program as one the primary health packages for his or her scuba divers.

I began my analysis in search of some health packages specialised within the stomach space as a result of I assume that the abs muscle tissues are the important thing parts as a way to follow any sport at an honest degree, however after studying all of the details about the Crossfit program I assume I was utterly incorrect by making an attempt to isolate the abs from the remainder of the physique. The human physique is a tremendous construction of interconnected methods, so why attempt to practice solely remoted areas of the physique. You will discover that a lot of the health packages for scuba divers divide the workouts in higher physique, decrease physique and abs; nonetheless a lot of the authors of books about scuba diving health recommend one of these routines.

Crossfit is a program that for positive will assist any scuba diver to succeed in an above common bodily degree, as a result of it isn’t a specialised or targeted health program, I additionally assume will probably be straightforward to stay to this system, since isn’t the identical routine week after week. Usually most of us, begin new routines with all the keenness of the world, however (right here comes the large however) in the identical approach that consuming the identical meals each single day or week goes to be boring sooner or later, health routines are very unexciting after some weeks of the identical.

Crossfit gives a tremendous mixture of workouts designed to enhance the situation of your physique in ten totally different areas: cardiovascular and respiratory endurance, stamina, power, flexibility, energy, velocity, coordination, agility, stability, and accuracy.

As a scuba diver in fine condition you’ll scale back you air (or combine) consumption, improve your again power, reduce or get rid of foot and calves cramps, and furthermore you’ll really take pleasure in your scuba diving time.

As a remaining notice, I am not affiliated in any method with Crossfit, I discovered that this can be a choose group of individuals that’s getting all the advantages of this bodily program, and I simply need to unfold the phrase.

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By Joe Vask

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