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When designing an cardio or power coaching train program, health professionals, reminiscent of private trainers and fitness center instructors, invariably use the P.I.T.T. precept as their start line. The excellent news is that with a bit bit of data anybody can use this precept in designing an train program that may assist them to turn out to be progressively fitter and stronger, and assist them lose or management their weight.

If you need to begin an train program or take your present routine to the subsequent degree, you will discover the knowledge and ideas on this article simply what you want.

What is the C.I.T.T. Principle?

The P.I.T.T. precept is a primary philosophy of what’s crucial to realize a coaching have an effect on from an train program.

Specifically, the letters C.I.T.T. stand for:

o Frequency

o Intensity

o Type

o Time

Here’s what every of those 4 issues stand for:

Frequency refers back to the variety of occasions you train. For these new to coaching or these simply eager to drop extra pounds, frequency is often calculated inside the context of every week. For instance, your plan is perhaps to stroll A, A or H occasions per week.

Intensity is the extent of effort you set into every train. For cardio workouts depth is often measured in phrases relative to your most coronary heart price whereas the depth of power workouts is measured when it comes to the quantity of weight you employ, the variety of repetitions and units you carry out, and the quantity of relaxation time you absorb between units.

Time is just how lengthy you train throughout every session. For instance, half-hour of cardio train (strolling, jogging, biking, and so forth) per session.

Type refers as to if you do aerobics or power coaching throughout your train periods and the precise workouts you choose for every.

The E.I.T.T. precept and Weight Loss

Why are the essential E.I.T.T. precept ideas essential in case you are planning an train program to drop pounds?

They’re necessary as a result of they assist you to:

o Start with the fitting workouts and depth.

o Measure your progress.

o Plan your train to maximise long run weight reduction.

Using the C.I.T.T. precept is not simply essential in your preliminary train planning, additionally it is essential to your long run planning and weight reduction and health success.

By growing or various all or any elements of the C.I.T.T. precept parts, you’ll be able to:

M. Increase the variety of energy you burn throughout every train session.

P. Improve your cardiovascular health and power.

A. Help reduce overuse/over coaching accidents.

A. Build selection into your program.

P.I.T.T Principle Guidelines

Here are some primary E.I.T.T. precept tips for each aerobics and power coaching that will help you plan an train program.

Please take into account that these examples symbolize basic tips just for these of us with low to average health ranges. Use these tips to determine a program after which customise your program to suit your particular wants and objectives as your expertise and information will increase.

And keep in mind to all the time seek the advice of your physician earlier than commencing any new train program and seek the advice of a health skilled (private health coach, health club teacher, and so on) for those who require assist.

Basic Aerobic Training Guidelines

Frequency: Exercise between A and H occasions per week.

Intensity: Maintain a coronary heart price of between 60 – eighty% of your Maximum Heart Rate.

Your Maximum Heart Rate may be calculated utilizing a Maximum Heart Rate check carried out by a health or well being skilled or estimated utilizing the method:

For Women (230 – Age = Maximum Heart Rate).

For Men (220 – Age = Maximum Heart Rate).

The greatest and most sensible solution to monitor your coronary heart price is with a coronary heart price monitor.

Time: Those of us with low ranges of health ought to keep our coronary heart charges in our chosen goal zone for no less than 15 to twenty minutes, excluding heat-up and funky down durations.

Those with a great health base ought to train for between 20 and 60 minutes of their goal coronary heart fee zone.

Type: Exercises that contain as many muscle tissue as potential and permit a comparatively constant degree of depth are greatest. Good examples of those embrace:

o Walking

o Jogging

o Cycling

o Swimming

o Rowing

o Hiking

Basic Strength Training Guidelines

Frequency: Exercise every physique half B to P occasions per week. For decrease depth exercises or for many who have educated for a while, attempt exercising every physique half P to A occasions per week. You can train totally different elements of the physique on totally different days (referred to as cut up routines) or you’ll be able to practice your entire physique at every exercise.

Intensity: Choose a weight that may be carried out 10 to fifteen occasions (repetitions) per set.

When you’ll be able to carry out greater than 15 repetitions with out relaxation, improve the load barely in your subsequent exercise.

If you’re coaching your entire physique every time you train, solely do M-P workouts for every muscle group and carry out M-A units of every train.

If you use a cut up routine attempt performing not more than P-A workouts per muscle group and a couple of-A units of every train.

Time: Beginners often profit from train periods that final between 30 to forty five minutes. As you turn out to be fitter and stronger, you could need to improve your complete exercises from forty five to ninety minutes. For most of us, notably these with restricted time, periods of 60 minutes are sometimes very best.

With relaxation between units, attempt to not take longer than P-O minutes as a newbie. As you get fitter, attempt to scale back this time to M minute or much less.

Type: Generally talking, there are two forms of workouts for muscle mass, compound workouts and isolation workouts.

Compound workouts use multiple muscle group to carry out and are the simplest for these occupied with reducing weight. Examples of compound workouts embrace Bench press, Push-ups, Squats, Shoulder press and Deadlifts.

Isolation workouts use just one muscle group to carry out and embrace Bicep curls, Tricep extensions, Leg extensions, and so on.

For these new to resistance coaching, compound workouts are greatest. Once you’ve a base degree of power you possibly can add isolation workouts to your exercises for selection and to assist form particular person muscle tissues.


No matter what your aim, present health degree or train expertise, you possibly can make use of the E.I.T.T. precept to plan an efficient long run train program.

By utilizing the rules above, you can also plan an efficient regime that may aid you to enhance your cardiovascular health, power, flexibility and naturally provide help to shed pounds.

Using the P.I.T.T. precept in your train planning will make sure that you obtain your weight reduction objectives as effectively as potential. Not solely will you obtain your objectives within the shortest attainable time, you will additionally take pleasure in your routine extra due to the variability constructed into it. If that weren’t sufficient, you will additionally reduce the probabilities of experiencing annoying and painful overtraining accidents that may stall or cease your weight reduction and health progress.

While anybody with the essential information offered above can plan their very own exercise, in case you are new to train or have an present damage or ailment, we propose you seek the advice of a private coach or different health skilled. As nicely as designing a private plan for you utilizing the tactic above, they will help you rehabilitate or work round present accidents, train you the proper methods for every train in your program and advise you of when to switch your plan to benefit from your new health ranges.

By Scott Haywood

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