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Milk could be a very delicate matter. It stirs our feelings. It performs our coronary heart strings. After all, it was our first meals. We hyperlink milk to our moms and our very first reminiscences. We affiliate it with white and pure and goodness. Milk comforts us, nurtures us. We drink it with our meals. We drink it with cake and cookies and graham crackers and put it on our cereals each morning.

We are sometimes occasions extra emotionally hooked up to exploit than some other meals.

We have been taught that we should drink milk for robust bones and tooth and that the majority all the individuals on the planet should drink it. As a matter of reality, most Americans consider that solely B% of the world does not drink milk. The fact is that about sixty five% of all adults on the planet don’t drink milk.

How might we Americans not consider that milk is something however healthful and crucial for human well being and health, and power of bones and tooth, once we all have these milk slogans bouncing round in our brains?

Do these slogans sound acquainted?

“Milk does a physique good.”

“Everyone wants milk.”

“Milk is a pure.”

“Milk had one thing for everybody.”

“Milk isn’t just for teenagers.”

“Milk – nature’s good meals”.

And what concerning the National Dairy Council’s most profitable promoting marketing campaign of all that started in 1996 and continues to be going robust? What man, lady, and baby shouldn’t be acquainted with the “Got Milk?” ads? They are plastered in entrance of our faces all over the place we glance.

According to celebrities, together with athletes, film stars, and speak present icons, who paste these white mustaches onto their higher lips, milk is important for robust bones, tooth, muscle tissues, and nerves.

Milk, in order that they declare and receives a commission handsomely for it, gives “excessive-high quality” protein, feeding into the parable that animal protein is superior to plant protein, which is a fantasy or a lie that we have been introduced as much as consider as fact.

They additionally declare that milk helps you shed pounds, be your greatest, and provides you additional power (our greatest power meals are carbohydrates from unrefined plant meals like recent fruit and greens.)

Got Milk? I ask, “Got how a lot cash to placed on these white mustaches?”

Yes, milk does do physique good in case you are a calf and need to develop as much as 800 or one thousand kilos in a yr. Cows do not even drink milk as soon as they’re weaned. Why? Because cow’s milk is made for child cows, not grownup cows, and never human beings.

Interestingly sufficient, human beings are the one mammals on earth that proceed to drink milk after they’re weaned, and the milk is offered by one other mammal at that!

Using your widespread sense, not what you’ve gotten been conditioned to assume, does it make sense to you that folks proceed to drink milk after they’re weaned, approach as much as maturity, and that the milk comes from one other mammal?

What do our giant plant-consuming mammals, like cows, elephants, horses, giraffes, and apes, eat for robust bones and tooth, and large ones at that? Plant meals.

When unsure about which meals present one of the best vitamin for human well being, simply look to nature for easy, widespread sense meals and well being solutions.

There is one and just one cause to drink milk and eat cheese: Because you want them and also you select to eat them. Period. It not as a result of dairy merchandise are wanted for robust bones and tooth, or for general well being and health.

By Dr. Leslie Van Romer

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