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In the Fleet Marine Force, the Marine Corps Combat Fitness Test is run through the second half of the annual yr. All Marines are required to take the CFT between July M – December 31 annually, until in any other case excused as a consequence of a medical situation that locations the Marine on mild obligation or restricted obligation. The CFT consists of three occasions: Maneuver Under Fire (MUF), Ammo Lifts (AL), and Movement to Contact (MTC).

Movement to Contact is an 880 yard run whereas sporting cammie trousers, shirt, and boots. The goal right here is to complete as quick as you’ll be able to. It is a dash, so you must maximize your effort all the time. Remember you’ll get a H-minute break instantly following this portion, so give it all of your effort.

For the Ammo Lift, you might have P minutes to finish as many ammo can lifts as you’ll be able to. You should carry a 30-pound ammunition can overhead from shoulder peak. The elbows should lock out on the prime. The beginning place for the AL is with the ammo can sideways at shoulder peak held with each palms, deal with dealing with away from you. The correct lifting method is head up, chest elevated and lumbar curve maintained. Feet stay shoulder-width aside or staggered in a primary-warrior stance place. You are inspired to make use of your legs through the carry. This will present momentum in addition to further power, making the raise simpler by spreading the work load throughout a number of muscle teams, versus simply utilizing your arms. You will obtain one other H-minute break following this occasion so make sure you give it all of your effort as soon as once more.

The MANUF is a 300 yard shuttle run that features quite a lot of fight-associated duties, to incorporate crawls, buddy drags/carries, ammunition resupply, grenade throw and agility operating. You begin out within the susceptible place on the beginning line. You rise up and run 25 yards, do a j-hook round a cone, then drop down and excessive crawl for 10 yards. During the excessive crawl, it’s essential to keep contact with the bottom together with your elbows, knees, and torso. Next you’ll increase as much as a modified excessive crawl for the subsequent 15 yards. In the modified excessive crawl, your torso doesn’t have to take care of contact with the bottom. Only arms, knees, and ft should contact the bottom. At the 50 yard line, you’ll negotiate a collection of cones arrange in a diagonal sample. The turnaround level is on the seventy five yard line.

Here you’ll seize a simulated casualty (SC) and conduct a buddy drag again to the sixty five yard line, whereas negotiating the cones. To do the buddy drag, you’ll attain beneath and thru the arms of the SC and acquire a strong grasp on each forearms. At the sixty five yard line, you’ll raise the SC up right into a fireman’s carry and carry all of them the best way again to the beginning line. Once at first line, you place the SC on the deck, flip round, seize two 30-pound ammo cans and run them again to the seventy five yard line. At the seventy five yard line, you drop the ammo cans, and decide up a grenade. You throw the grenade right into a circle situated 15 meters away. Immediately after the grenade throw, you drop down and do A pushups. If the grenade lands within the circle, you get H seconds deducted out of your remaining rating for the MUF. If the grenade lands outdoors the circle, you get 5 seconds added. If the grenade lands within the grenade pit space, however rolls out, the throw is taken into account successful. If it lands outdoors the circle, however rolls in, it counts as a miss. After the pushups, you decide up the ammo cans and run again to the beginning/end line.

Preparation for the Combat Fitness Test (CFT)

In order to organize for the Marine Corps CFT, you will need to practice your physique by doing excessive depth exercises which are shorter in period. Going out and operating H miles shouldn’t be going to get you a greater rating in your CFT. While it is very important be capable of run lengthy distances, particularly within the Marine Corps, this shouldn’t be your sole technique of PT. It just isn’t really helpful that you simply ever practice particularly for the PFT or CFT. Your objective must be to all the time be in prime bodily situation, and in case you are coaching appropriately you must all the time be capable of exit and obtain a excessive rating on each of the CFT and PFT. If you’re struggling in the kind of health required for the CFT, you need to give attention to incorporating sprints and interval coaching, excessive rep/medium weight weightlifting, and decrease physique power into your present PT program.

You have to get on the market and get your coronary heart fee elevated and your lungs working arduous. You ought to give attention to doing a number of units of excessive repetitions of many various calisthenics with little or no break in between every set. Pushups, body weight squats, and ammo can lifts are a great place to start out. Make up a circuit utilizing these three workouts and throw in some sprints. An instance may be: Five rounds of 200m dash, 20 pushups, 20 body weight squats, 20 ammo lifts. Execute every spherical in that order, finishing every train earlier than shifting on to the subsequent. Do not take breaks between units. Your objective ought to be to complete the exercise as quick as attainable. When you’re accomplished, document your time. The subsequent time you do the identical exercise, your objective ought to be to beat your earlier time. If you discover that this specific exercise is just too straightforward, or not getting your coronary heart price up and your lungs working onerous, you’ll be able to improve the space, weight, repetitions, or all the above.

Another useful train is the “farmers stroll”. This is just grabbing a heavy object in every hand, and strolling. An instance can be: Grab two 50 pound dumbbells and stroll one hundred meters. You can incorporate this into any of your present exercises.

You have to get used to lifting issues over your head. If you will get your palms on an ammo can, fill it as much as 30 kilos and do max units of overhead lifts as typically as you possibly can. Either as a part of your present exercises, or simply do two or three units of max effort 3 times every week. If you do not have an ammo can, use a dumbbell. If you do not have a dumbbell, improvise. Grab one thing that weighs near 30 kilos and carry it over your head. One of the hallmarks of each good Marine is to adapt, improvise, and overcome.

Practice your crawls. You don’t need the primary time you execute a excessive crawl to be if you find yourself out on the CFT subject, operating it for rating.

Once or twice every week exit and run half a mile as quick as you’ll be able to. You can simply incorporate this into your present PT plan, both initially, center, or finish of a exercise.

Practice your fireman’s carry. Get a buddy and apply carrying them one hundred yards as quick as you’ll be able to. Make positive you begin out sluggish and use a lighter companion till you’re assured and cozy carrying the load. You can simply harm your again doing the fireman’s carry if not accomplished correctly. If you’ll be able to’t discover a buddy to hold, use a barbell loaded up with no matter weight you’re snug with. Your aim ought to be to hold somebody/one thing that is the same as or larger than your physique weight for one hundred yards.

As with any exercise, make sure you correctly heat up and funky down. These ought to merely function concepts so that you can use as additions to your present PT program. If your PT program is tailor-made particularly and solely to get a better rating on the PFT or CFT, then you’re fallacious, and you’re critically limiting your self in your degree of bodily health. Your PT program ought to embrace many several types of workouts which are always assorted in period, and carried out regularly. Stay motivated and keep it up, and you’ll improve your degree of general bodily health.

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