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TAGG CrossFit

TAGG CrossFit

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  • Date Posted: Mar 4, 2014
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  • Address: 95 Regent Street, Sea Point, Cape Town


TAGG CrossFit was as hard to name as a baby that is yet to be born. We knew exactly what we wanted to do for our Athletes, and what type of gym we wanted to run. But we struggled to find that name that fell into our laps. We didn’t want to be a gym that had the typical hard-core, masculine name that denoted strength, power, adrenaline and force. Mostly because TAGG CrossFit isn’t always going to be about that.

We aren’t always going to have big, strong men dead lifting twice their body weight on the floor. Some days we are going to have pregnant women training in our gym, or an elderly couple who want to keep fit and healthy keeping up with their functional movement. We knew that this gym was going to be a combination of our blood, sweat, tears and South African Rands. So why not make our name the combination of us too?

Price Range:

R220 – R1400


Head Coach – Rob Crankshaw
Coach – Stacy Saggers
Intern Coach- Amanda Ritchie


95 Regent Street, Sea Point, Cape Town


Phone Number:

Rob Crankshaw – 0713544144
Stacy Saggers – 0820522277
Amanda Ritchie – 0824133846

Email Address:

Rob Crankshaw –
Stacy Saggers –
Amanda Ritchie –

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