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CrossFit Wonderboom

CrossFit Wonderboom

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  • Date Posted: Mar 12, 2014
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  • Address: 183 Louis Trichardt Street, Mayville, Pretoria, South Africa


CrossFit Wonderboom is a facility that specializes in functional fitness, and training that is focused on the CrossFit principles and methodology. Our qualified and experienced coaches are dedicated trainers, and by applying the correct WOD programming based on the CrossFit philosophy, they will guide you on your way to becoming an experienced CrossFitter.

At CrossFit Wonderboom the focus is on variation, and by constantly varying our workouts we ensure all-round fitness. By utilizing functional movements and performing them at high intensities, we build healthy and fit individuals that show proficiency in all of the ten fitness skills. It is our goal to help you reach your ultimate level of fitness, in the broadest range of activities and movements possible.

Price Range:

R500 – R700




183 Louis Trichardt Street, Mayville, Pretoria, South Africa


Phone Number:

071 378 1952

Email Address:

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  1. Awesome atmosphere! Love the motivation!! And the instructors are very helpful and friendly!

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