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Crossfit TRF (Bloemfontein)

Crossfit TRF (Bloemfontein)

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  • Date Posted: Mar 4, 2014
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  • Address: 25 Faan Ferreira Avenue, Langenhovenpark, Bloemfontein, 9300


A great Workout is inevitable – what is truly special is our sense of community and family. Since we opened our doors we have adopted this culture of support and community. Because we have created an inclusive environment, our members all know each other, support one another, and socialize in and outside of the gym. Also, while many of our workouts are timed and competitive, it is all done in a supportive and team-oriented environment. It is more than just a workout, it is a vital part of our lives that we share with each other.

With all our facilities in South Africa we aim to build “One Box in many locations”. Giving our members the opportunity to have WODs in visiting cities and to share this joy of CrossFit with “family” members all over South Africa

Price Range:

R220 – R1400


Manager – Francois Lintvelt
Head Coach – Champ Swanepoel


25 Faan Ferreira Avenue, Langenhovenpark, Bloemfontein, 9300


Phone Number:

Francois – 073 937 3798
Champ – 072 509 6445

Email Address:

Francois –
Champ –


  1. Hi.
    I am a second year student at kovsies and would like to know about the rates for the crossfit sessions for 2-3 times a week for me and a friend?
    Thank you

  2. Jammer ek pla. Wil graag by jul aansluit. Wil hoor wat is die tariewe vir 3 tot 5 dae n week en is daar aansluiting fooi en wat is die tye. Baie dankie

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