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Crossfit Sandton

Crossfit Sandton

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  • Date Posted: Mar 6, 2014
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  • Address: 4E Appel Road Kramerville Sandton


Whatever you put into your training is what you can expect to get out of your training. At Ironclad Athletics we will offer expert advice on training, guidelines on eating and we will push you to achieve more. By offering scientific testing, we get to know everything we can about how your body works, and overcoming imbalances, driving performance and taking you to places you didn’t know you could get to. All the while the fat is melting away and you are getting the body and shape that you have always been striving for.

Every session is designed to elicit maximum benefit for everyone in the class, from a comprehensive warm up and mobility training at the beginning of each session, to the main component of the workout, right down to the stretches, ensuring maximum benefits and reducing risks of injury. Each and every session can be customised for anyone doing the classes, from the super athlete right down to the novice.

Price Range:

R75 – R1650


Head coach – Iain Pezarro-Homan
Head coach – Janine Pezarro-Homan


4E Appel Road, Kramerville, Sandton


Phone Number:

082 777 3164

Email Address:


  1. Hi

    I am currently at Crossfit Radium but I am moving to Sandton. Can you please let me know what packages you have available?

    Thank you.

    Kind regards,

  2. Please advise if u can join cross fit to get fit. I don’t know much about cross fit but I’m not interested in competitions etc I am a bigginer that looking for the perfect way to get fit

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