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CrossFit Real Life Superheroes

CrossFit Real Life Superheroes

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  • Date Posted: Feb 26, 2014
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  • Address: Stoneridge Drive and Greenstone Place, Edenvale, 1609


At CrossFit RLS, our first priority is the success of our athletes, regardless of their abilities, history, injuries, or limitations. We believe in pushing past the margins of individual experience in order to become generally better at whatever might come down the pike, from lifting a week’s worth of groceries off the ground to surviving a bear chase and everything in between. We always encourage our members to ask questions of our enthusiastic and knowledgeable coaching staff – no concern is too small!

CrossFit RLS provides a supportive, safe, and challenging environment wherein athletes are actively encouraged to work beyond their comfort zones.

Every day, you will be asked and expected to push yourself to your limit alongside your fellow CFRLS brothers and sisters. If you can stand up under the weight of every squat, pick every deadlift off the floor, and execute every WOD flawlessly, you’re doing it wrong! Here, failure is just a new goal to chase. Although the love is tough, every sweat angel, torn callous, and set of firey lungs will bring you closer to freeing your inner superhero

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Steven Reed

Matthew Le Roux

Rodrique Kalonda Kena

Unit B1, Greenstone Motor City (Next to Dekra), Corner of Stoneridge Drive and Greenstone Place, Edenvale, 1609


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+27 11 524 6270

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