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CrossFit Morningside

CrossFit Morningside

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  • Date Posted: Mar 6, 2014
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  • Address: 2 Commerce Place, Kramerville Sandton


RockFit has developed a functional training program using many years of experience in various fields of athletic backgrounds from our coaches own experience in gymnastic, weight lifting, own body weight exercises, cardiovascular exercise as well as strength endurance exercises. Our program will assist one in everyday life as well as athletes wanting to improve their performance in their specific sport.

Our training program uses compound exercises, meaning all our regimes incorporate multi -joint actions to achieve our goal of developing all around fitness and health. RockFit’s program does not incorporate one specific type of training but rather a general program that cannot be specifically defined. Our aim is not only to develop physical strength but to also develop ones mental strength by using our techniques in our program. We believe mental toughness goes hand in hand with physical strength.

Price Range:

R345 – R830


Coach – Troy Sender
Coach – Devin Sender


2 Commerce Place, Kramerville Sandton


Phone Number:

(011) 262 – 4292

Email Address:

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