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CrossFit Bryanston

CrossFit Bryanston

82 Homestead Avenue, Bryanston

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  • Date Posted: Feb 10, 2014
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  • Address: 82 Homestead Avenue, Bryanston


CrossFit states that physical fitness has 10 distinct components, namely strength, speed, power, agility, stamina, cardiovascular endurance, flexibility, balance, co-ordination and accuracy. To be truly fit, you have to develop all these characteristics and become a complete athlete. CrossFit combines the disciplines of Olympic Weightlifting, Powerlifting, Strongman, gymnastics and single modality conditioning (e.g. running) into constantly varied, high intensity workouts.
At CrossFit Bryanston, we aim to create an atmosphere of fun and community; a home away from home. We work hard, lift heavy and will push you to your limit but you will always leave wanting more. Our head coaches are qualified sport scientists and we employ a consultant strength coach to help maximize your physical development. Your first workout is on the house so you can experience the fitness revolution for yourself.
We are the Black and Yellow Legion!!! Fear our Gremlin

Price Range:

R800 – R1400




82 Homestead Avenue, Bryanston


Phone Number:

082 501 2804

Email Address:



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