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Like lots of people, I’ve loved my share of film popcorn. However, the salt, oils, and butter, whereas satisfying, will not be the healthiest meals we will eat. Can popcorn be a wholesome snack?

It seems, in line with researchers from the University of Scranton, popcorn has a number of well being advantages. It is filled with antioxidants together with polyphenols, a wholesome plant chemical that’s present in chocolate, olive oil, tea, and others. Antioxidants assist scavenge free radicals and cease cell injury. Some analysis can also be being achieved about the potential of antioxidants serving to cease most cancers and shield individuals from coronary heart illness.

Popcorn can also be filled with entire grains and fiber. Three cups of popcorn equals a single serving of entire grains. The fiber content material in popcorn additionally helps to extend fullness when you eat so you do not really feel as hungry.

What concerning the butter?

For most of us, the butter is the perfect half. While I like popcorn straight, some model of butter undoubtedly improves the flavour. While doing analysis for the West Bend Stir Crazy Popper collection, I ran throughout the suggestion of utilizing olive oil as an alternative of vegetable oil through the popping course of. Olive oil is excessive in monounsaturated fat which have been linked to a lower in coronary coronary heart illness. Some would argue that the profit comes from the phenolic content material; nevertheless, it does not matter to me so long as it is wholesome.

We like to make use of Smart Balance with our popcorn. There are a number of variations of it, however the model of omega O, olive, and flax oil makes some very tasty popcorn and its coronary heart wholesome as properly.


There are plenty of methods you possibly can benefit from the wholesome snack of popcorn. The correct oil and butter substitute will make it a lot more healthy.

By Chris Hardee

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