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“How many reps/units ought to I do?”

“How a lot weight ought to I raise?”

These are two of the most typical questions I hear as quickly as individuals study I am a private coach. For some, it is as if these are the one questions; they appear to assume that in the event that they work out these, all the things else will fall into place.

It’s solely partly true. The variety of reps/units and quantity of weight are undoubtedly key elements that may make the distinction between success and frustration. Of course, there’s much more to a profitable exercise, comparable to selecting the best workouts and correctly performing them, incorporating cardio, and following correct consuming habits.

Yet when it comes to the what number of/how a lot questions, as a result of no two individuals are the identical, there are nobody-measurement-matches-all solutions.

The very first thing to think about is your aim. Men and ladies often have totally different objectives. The commonest objective for males is to construct muscle and power; ladies often need to construct muscle tone, however not an excessive amount of. (We’ll cowl different situations too.)

The second factor to find out is how your physique responds to train. This is an oft-uncared for however important think about placing collectively a customized program that may work. If your objective is to realize muscle, however you might have problem doing so, your program might be totally different from that of somebody who develops muscle simply. Likewise, if you wish to tone however are likely to bulk up when lifting weights, your program will differ from that of somebody who doesn’t are likely to bulk up.

By making an allowance for your objective and the way your physique responds to train you possibly can modify reps/units and weight/depth as a way to obtain the outcomes you need.


Strength degree is subjective. Weight that feels heavy for one individual may really feel mild for an additional, particularly contemplating totally different health ranges. Also as you train and get stronger, in fact, weight that was as soon as difficult may turn out to be straightforward. So the simplest solution to decide how a lot weight to carry is by breaking it down into 5 ranges.


Moderately Light


Moderately Heavy


“Light” is when the load is so low you do not even really feel such as you’re exercising. If you’re understanding and it feels mild, decide issues up.

At the ” Moderately Light” weight, by the point you attain your remaining reps you’ll really feel as if in case you have been performing some, however not an excessive amount of, work.

At the ” Moderate” weight, after the set you are feeling like you’re undoubtedly making effort however are giving 70 % to eighty % and thus might nonetheless go for a number of extra reps.

” Moderately Heavy” is the load for most individuals. You really feel like you make an effort to complete the set, about ninety % of all you’ve got acquired, however you possibly can truly do one or two extra reps with good type.

“Heavy” is a weight that takes one hundred pc of your power. You can do all of the reps with good type however could not do even another with out breaking the shape.


In order to find out what number of reps to do, it’s useful to assessment the newest findings about reps and improvement: Research has proven you could get muscle tone and improvement by doing any variety of reps between M and 20. Anything greater than 20 reps will give primarily endurance advantages; you will not see extra enchancment on muscle tone. Between B and H reps, you’re coaching for what known as “energy.” An instance of energy is a “energy lifter” elevating seven hundred kilos. It’s a tremendous proof of power, however he could not carry that quantity for a number of reps. For most, the perfect is between S and 20 reps. I know that is a variety. That’s why figuring out your objectives and the way your physique responds to train will assist you choose the perfect quantity inside that vary.


If you’re a newbie, begin with two units of 15 to twenty reps every at a ” Moderately Light” weight. After a number of weeks, improve to ” Moderate” weight for 2 units of 15 to twenty reps every. These are the rules for each women and men who have not labored out for some time, no matter how your physique responds to train. Your objective at this stage is to softly talk to your physique that you’re doing one thing new that calls for it to work more durable, thus encouraging your physique to adapt.

Females making an attempt to tone ought to do two units of 10 to fifteen reps every at a “Moderately Heavy” weight. You will construct muscle tone, however the excessive variety of reps will hold you from loading on extra weight, which might make you bulk up. If you’re a feminine who tends to bulk up, improve the reps to fifteen to twenty per set. The additional-excessive variety of reps will pressure you to loosen up the load, however will nonetheless provide the “burn”. If making an attempt to realize power and muscle, improve the variety of units to A, drop the variety of reps to six to 10 and improve weight to “Heavy.” If you’re doing S to 10 reps and going all out, you are lifting a reasonably good quantity of weight.

If you’re a male making an attempt to develop your physique in a average means, keep between H to 12 reps every and do O units at a “Moderately Heavy” weight. If your objective is to get as robust as attainable and develop as a lot as you possibly can, or when you’ve got a tough time creating muscle, keep between S to 10 reps for A to A units at “Heavy” weight. (In different phrases, the load is so heavy which you can’t do greater than 10 reps with out breaking type. If the load is so heavy you could’t even do S reps, you’re lifting an excessive amount of; lower the load until you are able to do at the least S reps.)


Beginners (each women and men): two units, 15 to twenty reps every. Moderately Light weight.

A few weeks after you start (each women and men): two units, 15 to twenty reps every. Moderate weight.

Women who need to tone: two units, 10 to fifteen reps every. Moderately Heavy weight.

Women who need to tone however are likely to bulk up: two units, 15 to twenty reps every. Moderately Heavy weight.

Women making an attempt to realize muscle and power: three units, S to 10 reps every. Heavy weight (to failure).

Men who need average muscle mass: three units, H to 12 reps every. Moderately Heavy weight.

Men who need a variety of muscle mass or have a tough time creating: three to 4 units, S to 10 reps every. Heavy weight (to failure).

So there you might have it. Now you’ll be able to stroll into any health club (or work out at house) understanding for positive the suitable-for-you depth and variety of reps/units.

Stick with it, and you’ll obtain the outcomes you want.

By Eduardo Dias

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