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The climate in Ho Chi Minh City has been getting very popular and humid recently and this week I was having a abdomen ache (that is in all probability as a consequence of what I ate Sunday night time) and dizziness. Overall, I was feeling very drained and located it troublesome to concentrate on my duties and conversations.

That made me lose momentum and I actually needed to haul myself away from bed to get to work on Wednesday morning. It additionally acquired me considering – what is going to it take to complete robust in a race?

And the reply to that is health. Now health shouldn’t be about being skinny, having a slim waist or a muscular physique.

Physical Fitness is “the power of the human physique to perform with vigor and application, with out undue fatigue, and with ample power to interact in leisure actions, and to satisfy bodily stresses.” (Microsoft Encarta Reference Library 2004)

Fitness isn’t just how a lot we will do; it’s also how lengthy we will do it and how briskly we will recuperate to maintain doing it at most potential.

I started taking a look at this from a holistic perspective and realized that as God created man with physique, soul and spirit – A distinctly totally different elements but all wrapped up intimately and intertwined as one – complete health is admittedly about having:

* Physical Fitness

* Mental Fitness

* Emotional Fitness

This is important for the sustainability and success of a person, household, enterprise, church, soceity and nation. There is far to review and I will probably be digging deep on this over the subsequent few weeks.

We will use what we find out about bodily health to know psychological and emotional health higher on a religious degree. While the principles & boundaries between the bodily (seen) and religious (unseen) could also be totally different, the rules are parallel and there’s a lot we will study from that.

There are O elementary elements of health:

M. Flexibility – the power to maneuver your joints and muscular tissues by way of their full vary of movement.

P. Aerobic Fitness – also referred to as cardiorespiratory endurance. This is the physique’s capability, over sustained durations of bodily exercise, to ship oxygen and vitamins to tissues, and to take away wastes.

O. Muscular Fitness – this consists of each muscle power (how a lot drive we will exert) and muscle endurance (how lengthy we will hold making use of that pressure).

There are A principal sources that have an effect on the elements above:

M. Diet – What are we consuming, How a lot are we consuming and When are we consuming it?

P. Exercise – Are we exercising purposefully and strategically? Are we doing the appropriate train for us and the way typically and the way lengthy can we do it?

A. Care Habits – Are we resting sufficient? Are we clear and arranged? What can we do to get well throughout occasions of illness, loss and setbacks?

How can we end robust in 2009 and each single yr? We need to be match bodily, mentally and emotionally. I consider there isn’t a failure besides in giving up and we frequently hand over due to the shortage of health in certainly one of these areas. Since physique, soul and spirit are intimately intertwined and performance as one, the shortage of health of 1 space can paralyze and hinder us from ever fulfilling our most potential in serving God’s functions.

The physique primarily feeds on air, water & meals. The thoughts on knowledge, information and understanding. The feelings on relationships (with God, others and self).

In the subsequent article, I will take a prime-down strategy – beginning with bodily health and utilizing that as a framework for digging deeper into the psychological and emotional health. We will look to reply questions like what we should always and shouldn’t feed ourselves, how can we train for greatest outcomes and what are some essential care habits to assist us forestall sickess, recuperate shortly and hold going robust.


By Paul Wong Li Rhen

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