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When you consider switching over from “junk meals snacks” to “wholesome junk meals snacks” you may discover worth from what we have skilled during the last 12 years. I need to snicker as a result of I all the time had a passion for junk meals. They have been so tasty. So now, I simply say our “wholesome junk meals snacks.”

Question: Will wholesome snack meals style nearly as good?

Answer: If you do it proper, they will style even higher, and… they supply far more vitamin.

Example: My husband, Glen, and I beloved a chip referred to as Red Hot Blues. We actually do love “scorching” and we might have a nacho-sort meal with these Red Hot Blues.

Note: These Red Hot Blues have been bought at our native well being meals retailer.

After a few years of consuming these chips, the well being meals manufacturing business modified. Many smaller corporations merged with greater ones and the standard of the meals we often bought declined. There have been a number of meals that we might not eat. We needed to discover totally different meals.

We have been at a farmers market at some point and got here throughout some sprouted and dehydrated pecans. But there was one thing very particular about them. They have been spicy scorching! And have been they ever good!

When we could not discover them on the farmers market any extra, we discovered a method to make our personal. We purchased the most effective natural pecans we might discover, for half the worth we paid on the market. Then we soaked them, spiced them, and allow them to dry. We liked them!

Note: We modified our recipe for our nacho-sort meals and love all of them the identical, even with out the Red Hot Blues. But we do not use our spicy pecans at this meal. We discovered sprouted corn tortillas within the refrigerated part of our well being meals retailer. We both spice them up or make a very spicy salsa.

Question: Aren’t wholesome snack meals costlier?

Answer: Yes and No – That will depend on whether or not you measure worth by weight or by vitamin. It does value extra within the retailer if you examine the packaged meals which have little regard for dietary worth.

When we started on the lookout for higher high quality, we began out with uncooked natural, sprouted and dehydrated nuts and seeds. When soaked in water and allowed to germinate a bit, they’ve extra vitamins and are simpler to digest.

Basically, you’re getting what you pay for.

Question: Is there anywhere to purchase wholesome snack meals at decreased costs?

Answer: Yes – undoubtedly. Amazon is one. We have been capable of save significantly on some issues till their suppliers ran out. Too a lot quantity, I guess. But they nonetheless have a whole lot of good worth snack meals for often much less cash.

Note: When we began out shopping for natural, soaked, and dehydrated sunflower and pumpkin seeds, we have been spending about $10 a bag (sixteen oz) for sunflower seeds and $15 a bag (sixteen oz) for the pumpkin seeds. This was costly since we ended up spending about $one hundred a month.

When I discovered the identical product at Amazon, they bought them in units of two or A with a decreased worth so we undoubtedly saved there till they ran out.

I lastly determined to purchase a dehydrator and located a used one (L’Equip Dehydrator) on Craig’s List that works nice. It value us $eighty. Even if we had spent $one hundred thirty new, it will have been properly well worth the funding. It has a temperature management which is essential.

The value of the uncooked natural seeds are half the worth. So that is what we do now. It’s truly reasonably priced, notably whenever you make plenty of these wholesome snack meals.

We are simply now moving into making crackers and cookies. The enjoyable half – they’re very nutritious and we will eat them with meals or as a snack. We do not use sugar or any artificial elements, simply good high quality healthful components.

By Janis Ihrig

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