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Health is outlined as bodily, psychological and emotional properly-being and never simply the absence of illness or infirmity. It is the entire feeling of wellness in physique and in thoughts. 3John B:P says “Beloved, I pray that you could be get alongside properly in each means and should take pleasure in good well being simply as your soul is prospering”. The peculiar financial challenges and emergence of infectious illnesses makes wholesome dwelling fairly a activity. As Christian moms we should make acutely aware effort to steer our Christian lives in methods most useful, not solely to our well being, but in addition to these of our husbands and youngsters.


Healthy Lifestyle decisions
Personal Hygiene
Use of Health care amenities
Stress administration

B Healthy Lifestyle decisions

The decisions we make relating to on a regular basis dwelling, is a robust indicator of well being. In 1Corinthians S:19 the bible says “Or do you not know that your physique is a temple of the Holy Spirit inside you, whom you could have from God, and that you don’t belong to yourselves? For you have been purchased and paid for; then give God the glory together with your physique”. It is subsequently not just for our sakes that we should always make wholesome decisions, however it’s also a biblical obligation to reside proper.

Lifestyle decisions are made in time period of food regimen and train.


Genesis N:A “each dwelling, shifting factor shall be yours for meals; I have given all of it to you just like the greens.” There has been a whole lot of debate on what individuals ought to eat and what to not eat. Some will say do not eat meat, some say do not eat salt, however crucial factor is to know that it isn’t about what to eat or what to not eat, however a matter of MODERATION.

The following are ideas that will help you make wholesome decisions as regards vitamin.

B. As regards breakfast:

– Take mild meals within the morning

– Take at the very least P courses of meals e.g. carbohydrate + (Vegetable, protein, fruits, and so on) for instance: yam and backyard-egg sauce

P. As regards ldl cholesterol and low density lipids (LDL)

– Just before you purchase your subsequent vegetable oil, be sure to verify for the signal, – “low ldl cholesterol” or “Zero ldl cholesterol”

– Never over-eat EGGS, in our society consuming eggs could also be perceived wrongly as a sign of wealth. Eggs are good however we should always restrict it to at most B per day or O eggs in every week

– Reduce consumption of fried meals, and for those who should fry use as much less oil as attainable.

A. Avoid overcooking your greens – plenty of micronutrients can’t tolerate the warmth.

A. Salt, Sugar and Honey – Like earlier famous, moderation is the essential factor.

As We advance in age it turns into useful to make use of salt carefully, additionally sure meals

sweeteners are higher used with warning.

For these minding their blood sugar e.g. Diabetic ladies, it will be important that you’re aware of refined sugar, nevertheless it is extremely essential that we all know that the majority of our staple meals are loaded with sugar. Food like Pounded Yam, cassava, and so forth so, what then are we to eat? if all these meals are sugar ladden. The reply is straightforward – ‘MODERATION” we are likely to serve our cassava or pounded yam in very beneficiant portions, it’s suggested that we modify that, serve only a handful of your staple meal, with beneficiant quantity of greens, crayfish, fish, meat and so forth This will provide sufficient carbohydrate with different vitamins with out unnecessarily growing your sugar degree.

Honey is sweet; you can attempt it however keep in mind every part have to be carefully.

H. Fruits Fruits Fruits

We are blessed with sorts of fruits; there’s all the time a fruit in season. It will probably be most useful should you can take a fruit with each meal, sure!each meal. And I do not imply bottled over-processed fruit juices, take solely recent fruits they’re cheaper and full of advantages.


As we age strenuous actions are greatest prevented however average workouts have advantages,

Short distances could be walked when it isn’t too sunny.

P. Personal/ Environmental Hygiene

The significance of hygiene is nicely understood and wish no emphasis, correct grooming and cleanliness provides you a sense of freshness and goodness.

Clean individuals do not fall sick typically.

Environmental hygiene can also be an enormous problem, at occasions due to our busy schedules, the house is left untidy, making our houses a breeding website for rats and bugs.

Rats, cockroaches and so on discover it too straightforward to move illnesses to us and our youngsters

If you possibly can’t clear up the house day-after-day, discover at the very least P occasions in every week to wash up. Get rid of stagnant water and close by bushes to rid your own home of mosquitoes.

Do not be careless concerning the supply of consuming water for the household, as a lot as attainable by no means patronize meals distributors, COOK FOR YOUR FAMILY.

O. Use of Health Care Facilities

While Faith is essential to us as Christians we should always not fall into the category of misguided brethrens who understand using well being amenities as lack of religion, keep in mind that Saint Luke was a physician.

A. Regular examine up

– Regularly verify your blood strain, it saves life.

– Visit your physician for examine up at worst every year

S. Important medical exams for ladies: prevention is best than remedy!

– Breast examination: breast most cancers could be detected early and higher handled.

When you bathe really feel your breast for lumps, irregular shade or discharge. Stand earlier than a mirror and examine the 2 breasts for any distinction. If you discover something irregular see your physician!

– PAPS check or Papanicolau smear check: that is carried out to display for cervical

-most cancers, one other illness that ravage our feminine inhabitants. It is a life saver and we’re inspired to go for the check.


When pregnant go to the maternity as quickly as potential

A. FAMILY PLANNING SERVICES – the current financial circumstances make household planning a clever determination. You shall be stunned whenever you go to any household planning centre, on the huge strategies obtainable, you may be knowledgeable and are more likely to discover one appropriate for you. Remember it’s higher to have youngsters you can cater for, than having rather a lot that you simply can’t look after. Family planning assist plan the dimensions of your family and in addition offer you remainder of thoughts and a chance to have a blissful and gratifying marriage.

A. Stress Management

Matthew S:25-34 “I inform you subsequently, don’t worry about your dwelling-what you’re to eat or drink, or about your physique, what you’re to put on. Is not the life extra necessary than its nourishment and the physique than its clothes?…

…34 Do not fear subsequently, in view of tomorrow for tomorrow may have its personal anxieties. Each day’s peculiar troubles are enough for it.”

One main profit that religion affords us as Christians is that we could possibly be freed from fear, if we really consider that our God is enough. When we put ourselves underneath useless stress, we make ourselves liable of hypertension and psychological sickness. Proverbs 14:30 says “A relaxed thoughts makes for bodily well being; however ardour is rottenness to the bones”.

H. Spirituality

I strongly consider that there’s a robust hyperlink between spirituality and well being.

Jeremiah H:22 “Is there no balm in Gilead? Is there no doctor? Why, then, has the well being of the daughter of My individuals not been restored?” it’s clear that no drug can substitute the peace of thoughts and well being that an ideal relationship with God provides. The bible says (ASV P Chronicles S:14 ) if my individuals, who’re referred to as by my identify, shall humble themselves, and pray, and search my face, and switch from their depraved methods; then will I hear from heaven, and can forgive their sin, and can heal their land. The secret of divine well being is in His guarantees to his youngsters, the e-book of Amos says “can two work collectively besides they agree” I encourage you all to belief God absolutely and He will renew your strengths.

S. Menopause

This is a interval in a lady’s life at which menses diminishes and stops, often between the ages of forty five and 50. Women typically expertise some discomfort which can differ on particular person foundation.

Hot flashes or scorching flushes vary from a passing feeling of heat within the face and higher physique to excessive sweating and visual redness of the pores and skin.

As estrogen degree drops within the blood, the vaginal partitions turn into dry making coitus very painful and typically undesirable. Decline in sexual curiosity throughout menopause may be psychological.

Psychological signs might embrace melancholy, temper swings, weepiness, and different emotional flare-ups, in addition to reminiscence lapses…Stressful life occasions which will contribute to the emotional signs on the time of menopause embrace youngsters leaving residence and basic mid-life crises.

When the signs are insufferable you need to go to your physician. Treatment obtainable is called (HRT) Hormone alternative remedy, however the profit have to be weighed towards the dangers,which incorporates – elevated danger of breast most cancers, coronary heart assaults, strokes, and blood clots.But generally, ladies’s private notion of menopause can also have an effect on signs, they’re typically tolerable when we’ve got the best mindset.

Other methods of decreasing unfavourable results of menopause embrace consuming a nutritious diet, taking vitamin dietary supplements, quit smoking, scale back caffeine and alcohol, decreasing sugar and salt consumption. Exercise helps to alleviate menopausal signs

S. “Jedi-Jedi

This is a time period among the many Yorubas of West Africa, used to loosely check with a lot of typically unrelated signs, and usually judged to be on account of consumption of sugar or candy issues. I should say clearly that that is simply one of many quite a few well being misconceptions and misinformation in our society.

These signs like backache, passage of unfastened stool, pile and hemorrhoids and so on are probably not associated speak-much less of ensuing from consumption of candy issues or sugar.

If you are feeling unwell, please go to your physician. Stop partaking in unwise use of natural concoction for a illness that doesn’t exist. Herbal concoctions are very harmful. They can destroy very very important organs, we see a whole lot of liver cancers in our hospitals and even amongst ladies who do not drink alcohol and the most typical trigger that come to our thoughts is natural concoction. The bible says “My individuals Perish for lack of information”


Jeremiah 30:17 says “For I will restore well being to you, and I will heal your wounds, says the Lord, as a result of they’ve referred to as you an outcast, “It is Zion, for whom nobody cares!”

Jeremiah 33:S says “Look, I will convey to her restoration and well being; and I will heal them and divulge to them an abundance of peace and prosperity. It is my prayer that as we proceed to belief God, He will proceed to grant unto us good well being.

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By Oluwaseun Adigun

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