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Here is what I have discovered about meshing the acute athletic bodybuilding way of life along with the longevist/vegetarian/holistic way of life by specializing in making the within wholesome first, primarily by specializing in the acid/alkaline stability of my blood, because the launch of The Healthy Lifestyle Coach Feb. 15, 2005.

My physique composition stats on Feb. fifteenth, 2005:

Body Fat % = S.S

Weight = 208

Waist = 33 B/H

Time in ½ mile dash- O minutes and 18 seconds

My physique composition immediately Aug. twenty eighth, 2007:

Body Fat%=S.H%


Waist=32 N/sixteen

Time in ½ mile dash- P minutes and fifty one seconds

I am very excited to seek out out by way of the preparation of this replace that I have misplaced P lbs. of fats, gained H.89 lbs. of muscle whereas dropping my general physique fats proportion and my waistline. I improved my ½ mile time in addition to my flexibility and vary of movement in a number of joints (on the age of forty two I am by far in one of the best situation of my life). This has occurred because the launch of the unique press launch “The Healthy Lifestyle Coach” on Feb. tenth, 2005 whereas implementing this distinctive mixture of two totally different life. How thrilling for me it’s to have proof which you could have a more healthy inside and a extra muscular, toned/ripped physique with enhanced athleticism, on the similar time. It’s the perfect of each worlds, if you’ll. I have carried out the holistic modifications listed on the finish of this replace persistently since Feb. fifteenth, 2005.

Common sense would inform us that the inspiration is an important a part of any construction. It is the start line. Therefore, to have the last word physique, we should concentrate on the well being of our organs, blood and cells. What good is a tremendous physique with ripped abs if it comes on the expense of being unbalanced and is just brief-lived as a result of the inspiration just isn’t agency.

In my opinion, I consider much more strongly now than ever that we will have one of the best of each worlds: a ripped physique and a holistic, wholesome inside. I know that we will LIVE STRONG, AND LONG. I promise you that I will proceed to convey you what I have discovered, and what I am studying as I siphon by means of the onslaught of data and use myself as a guinea pig. I really feel privileged to be your coach, your chief by instance, if you’ll.


The high quality of your life is predicated on the standard of your cells. In order to each survive and prosper, cells should have:

o Oxygen

o Water

o Nutrients (potassium, sodium, magnesium, calcium and zinc, amongst others)

o The capability to remove their very own waste.

Without these 4 issues, that are dramatically affected by the standard of your blood (your river of life), your cells can’t survive. When any one of many above 4 is compromised, your cells can’t thrive.

When you break our physique’s cells right down to the smallest particles (atoms, protons and neutrons) you will see that that every particle has an electrical power that retains the particles in movement. Our our bodies actually have an electrical power that’s measurable. When your atoms have excessive electrical power, your power is excessive, your cells can perform optimally and your purple blood cells do not stick collectively. When your atoms’ power could be very low, your cells can’t perform optimally and your pink blood cells stick collectively and transfer extra slowly, and so do you. When your atoms haven’t any electrical power, neither do you, and you’re lifeless. In order to offer your cells one of the best probability of being utterly wholesome, our blood should have a exact chemical stability. Alkalinity/acidity is measured on a scale of B-14, with M being pure acid, S being impartial and 14 pure alkaline. Your blood should keep a barely alkaline pH of seven.365.

To examine the PH of your blood can shortly and in evasively

When there’s a disturbance to this stability, the pink blood cells start to clump collectively. When that occurs, they’re not capable of effectively capable of journey via the capillaries and feed the cells all through the physique. The pH stands for potential for hydrogen. The pH of your blood is alongside the identical strains because the pH of your pool or your scorching tub. When the stability is out of whack the water will get polluted. It’s the identical factor together with your blood.

Everyone’s our bodies are being pushed to their limits. They, to some extent, are poisonous and acidic. The trendy quick-paced way of life has introduced so many issues to the desk that our our bodies weren’t designed for. Our struggle-or-flight stressor hormones like cortisol are at an all-time excessive. People are usually not slowing right down to relaxation like they used to. With all of the know-how and the to-do lists, we’re stressed greater than ever. Put on prime of that the extremely processed handy meals for the plenty with all of the chemical compounds and preservatives and you’ve got a extreme drawback.


When given the right inner surroundings, the human physique is an unimaginable self-therapeutic machine. The extra acidic that our blood turns into, the much less capacity our physique has to struggle off an infection, illness, and untimely ageing. It just isn’t very troublesome to decrease acidity of the blood. The following are some areas to give attention to should you discover that your blood is under S.36:


o Emotions Anger, worry, overwhelm, frustration, inadequacy, and low vanity are all acidic feelings. These feelings induce extra unfavourable hormones like cortisol. We have all heard it earlier than, however consider me: the thoughts is far stronger than we ever know. Life is a self-fulfilling prophecy. Watch the phrases that come out of your mouth. Chances are you aren’t even conscious of what number of occasions you say, “I am sick and drained, I haven’t any time, I am overwhelmed, again to the grind,” and so on. Even should you really feel it, don’t converse it.

o Nutrition Eliminate extremely processed handy meals which are filled with chemical compounds and preservatives, and substitute them with meals which are recent and natural. If it does not spoil, do not eat it. All meals has an electrical power. If we’re continually consuming meals that do not give power again, we’ll turn into poisonous and acidic. Some meals which have electrical power embrace: most veggies, lemons, cucumbers, most grasses (wheat) and almonds.


Hippocrates (460-377 B.A.), the Father of Medicine, who compiled an inventory of over 4 hundred herbs and their makes use of.

It is completely a certainty that we should attempt to reside a balanced life and eat as top quality pure natural meals as we will get our palms on. WE MUST, ONLY USE PHARMACUETICALS (DRUGS) AFTER EVERY OTHER NATURAL AND HOLISTIC REMEDY IS USED. Then we should attempt to launch as a lot stress as attainable and give attention to well being, power, laughter, and longevity and wait so long as we will. At this level and solely at this level, if the signs persist, ought to we think about medicine. GET OFF AS MANY DRUGS AS QUICKLY AS POSSIBLE.

o Healthy way of life decisions Get loads of relaxation, the correct quantity of train, and maintain acidic addictions akin to espresso, tobacco and alcohol to a naked minimal. If you’re presently utilizing one in every of them, don’t minimize chilly turkey. Cut utilization in half and search some social help. Hire a coach, go for walks, hold round a well being membership, and so on. Eat much less per meal, eat extra meals per day, and begin shifting/strolling extra. Keep it easy.


Candida albicans is a microbe generally known as yeast, and it’s a regular inhabitant of the physique. For quite a lot of causes, it will possibly grow to be a pathogen–a illness-inflicting fungus that feeds on the physique and weakens the immune system, which the medical group typically views because the supply of allergic reactions, AIDS, persistent fatigue (Epstein-Barr), herpes and lots of different sicknesses.

The naturally occurring yeast resides within the gastrointestinal (M.I.) tract. The main food plan of the yeast and fungi that stay in our our bodies is sugar, grains, and glueten for power and protein for improvement and progress. They (the yeast and fungi and their mycotoxins) tremendously contribute to the over-acidification of our methods, thus producing a myriad of illness and symptomlogy.

Candida is shortly turning into acknowledged by holistic medical practitioners as “the illness behind the opposite illnesses”.

I consider that bodybuilders (we’re all bodybuilders) who’re consuming clear have to study this idea simply as a lot as the typical underneath-lively American who’s consuming extremely processed rubbish. As excessive athletes, we’re pushing our techniques to the bounds. We are tearing our our bodies down every day, and this consists of our muscular tissues, in addition to our nervous, hormonal, endocrine, elimination and restoration techniques. We are releasing unimaginable quantities of lactic acid into our methods, including to the already acidic system.

I have a private routine that has labored very nicely. When I rise up within the morning, I take a serving of S-glutamine and a serving of inexperienced drink. The inexperienced drink is often a mix of various sorts of wheat/barley grasses, and I take it with heat water to assist with absorption. This L-glutamine is a calorie free method to assist struggle catabolism, which is the method of your physique utilizing its personal muscle for power.

Then, I suck on an natural lemon as I drive to my membership. I do some interval cardio, stretching, prayer/meditation, aim setting/incantations, and a few visualization (with a imaginative and prescient board) earlier than my first shopper at S:30 a.m.

I wait one hour, after which I have my first meal, a H-ounce natural breast and a few inexperienced beans. Throughout the day I will eat each three hours with protein and carbs mixed collectively. My S:00 p.m. meal is nearly all the time an natural salad with both fish or tuna. I eat very calmly at dinner, forcing myself to be hungry, and I eat a small protein snack at H:forty five p.m. Then it is lights out at N:00 p.m. Early to mattress, early to rise, makes a person/ladies wholesome, rich and clever. Because of the gravitational pull of the earth, hours of sleep between 10:00 p.m. and a couple of:00 a.m. are significantly extra invaluable at serving to the physique regenerate than hours between P:00 a.m. and eight:00 a.m.

I assume that taking in a minimal quantity of hen, fish and pink meat is OK. It can permit us to construct muscle and benefit from an intense athletic/health routine, whereas nonetheless permitting us to maintain the interior system alkaline and balanced. But the hot button is natural and top quality. Any meals that’s ready for the plenty goes to be low high quality and create a poisonous surroundings in our our bodies.

Another key’s this: As onerous as it’s to decelerate, attempt to socialize with relations, chuckle and be in a light-weight-hearted temper when consuming. Dinner time is a superb time in my home. It is an important time of reunion and speaking. On the well being aspect of issues, the underside line is that for those who eat meals in a hurried, careworn state, the physique will break down, assimilate, and course of the vitamin in a weak state. The cells can’t do their job to their full capabilities and can switch that emotional stress into the cells. Do your self a favor and decelerate at the very least as soon as a day, go to, snicker, and benefit from the dialog.

By Darin Steen

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