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When the cucumber turned necessary as a well being meals within the eighteenth century, it didn’t take lengthy for individuals to overlook these medical properties which had been properly-recognized to start with to the Greeks and Romans after which later to the Arab physicians.

Today we see the cucumber as a supplier of a really wholesome juice useful for its properties as an increaser of the movement of urine and as a complement to the consequences of celery and carrot juice for rheumatic circumstances, whereas on the similar time being a soothing pores and skin lotion.

Japanese analysis within the first half of this century indicated that there was a worthwhile substance current within the cucumber juice for the remedy of the entire intestinal tract. Sad to say this work has not been pursued and the lively issue nonetheless retains the key of its id.

Other well being advantages of cucumber is derived from the truth that it is rather low in energy, about A per ounce (54KJ per 100g) being a mean determine. Very excessive potassium contents have been claimed for the plant which from probably the most up-to-date analyses obtainable would appear to be an exaggeration. The vitamin content material can also be usually to be discovered between low and common for the edible vegetable.

Nevertheless, cucumber juice is definitely useful the remedy of rheumatic circumstances. It doesn’t matter an excessive amount of that the rationale for this impact isn’t clear. What is essential is that it helps many victims.

Although the entire juice is the most effective pores and skin lotion it’s value remembering that the peel itself, like lemon peel, ought to all the time be retained and used on the palms particularly after they’ve been in a robust detergent or in extremely popular water. It shouldn’t be essential to rub exhausting – certainly skincare with cucumber must be a mild, aromatic artwork.

By Kevin Pederson

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