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We’ve all heard the saying “You need to discover ways to stroll earlier than your discover ways to run.” It is not any totally different with a golf health program. There are sure health elements that you should have earlier than it is best to even take into consideration creating one other.

Any good health program must be periodized, which suggests damaged down into durations or phases. Each part could have a specific focus that often builds off the earlier phases.

Golfers of any age ought to first develop their flexibility. Increased flexibility will make it easier to keep away from damage, it helps you improve your vary of movement relating to your swing, and it merely permits you to execute the right golf swing. Particular areas to concentrate on can be the decrease again and hamstrings.

The second factor a golfer ought to give attention to can be mobility and stability. It’s apparent that within the golf swing, there are elements of the physique that we would like secure, whereas there are different elements of the physique we would like cellular. To complicate issues much more, they modify all through the swing. Combining these two elements creates stability. Balance helps the golfer keep the right swing aircraft, notably with troublesome lies.

Once the golfer has a strong basis of flexibility, and stability, we work to enhance their power. Good power will improve the inspiration already constructed, however power can also be a way to an finish. Strength will present the idea for the golfer to develop energy.

The subsequent element the golfer will develop is energy. Power is just the product of power and velocity. After the golfer has improved their power, we work to transform that into energy. Most importantly, rotational energy so it interprets into enhancing the golf swing. Power results in larger membership head velocity leading to extra distance. Yet, flexibility and stability permits for higher management.

Lastly, we have to enhance endurance. A lot of individuals will disagree with me to coach endurance final, however the concept is to easily permit the golfer to repeatedly carry out all the elements already mentioned. The golfer must have cardio endurance permit the physique to carry out your complete spherical. You additionally have to have muscular endurance to have the ability to persistently make good golf swings time and again with out getting drained.

Systematically coaching all of those elements will result in a greater golf swing and decrease scores.

By Mike Dunk

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