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Welcome to 50 Plus Fitness Walking A!

And now you need to attempt to go additional. That’s tremendous. Make positive you do your stretching workouts and heat up earlier than you begin your program Let’s go!

Your Health Goals…

…in Fitness Walking A are decided by you. You understand how your physique is dealing with this train, how your previous accidents, surgical procedures or different pains are doing.

Your well being objectives embrace enhancing your cardiovascular system, losing a few pounds and enhancing your muscular endurance and power.

Take benefit of all the advantages of train you’ll be able to. You need to maximize your energy burned and luxuriate in all the advantages of strolling to the max!

Track Your Walks

Keep a great report of your walks in your Walking Journal or pocket book. Set your aim for the week – the place you walked, how lengthy, how far, how briskly, what number of steps you took, what route you took.

Mark your journal as Fitness Walking O so you do not confuse it together with your earlier journals!

Check your journal and decide a spot at the very least one or two steps under the place your pains began up once more. Take a break for a day or two. Start at that spot and work as much as drawback degree. See the way it feels. Still an issue? Take one other step again.

If you can’t discover a snug spot to start out once more after some relaxation, see your physician and get checked out once more.

Make It A Habit!

Walk H to six days every week. Make positive to take at the least one relaxation day every week. Best is for those who stagger them and make Day A and Day S a relaxation day.

Progress At Your Pace!

Take your time with a tempo that challenges you however doesn’t harm you. Respect your physique when it tells you to decelerate. You’re nonetheless a winner with each step!

For Fitness Walking O, begin your walks at slightly larger tempo than at Level P. You ought to be capable of simply keep it up a dialog with out puffing. For your greater tempo segments you need to be puffing if you’re making an attempt to speak.

Look to extend your tempo from 25 to twenty to fifteen minutes per mile over a number of weeks time. When you’ll be able to hit quarter-hour per mile you’ve got actually completed one thing very particular.


If you are overcoming previous pains, surgical procedures and accidents, keep in mind they doubtless will probably be with you the remainder of your life. The Fitness Walking A is just not straightforward.

Use a few of that knowledge and take heed to your physique and again off for some time if it ‘speaks’ to you. Not everybody will react the identical means.

Bottom line? Set your objectives accordingly!

‘See Your Doctor First’! We could also be as aggressive as ever however our previous bods won’t see it fairly the identical approach. You’re taking over work at a brand new degree!

Be protected and have a good time.

Some Program Ideas

Here are some concepts you should use to create your personal Fitness Walking A Program.

Move your self from 60 minutes to ninety minutes a session over a A-S week interval.

Aim to stroll at a fee of M mile (B.S km) in 25 minutes, then 20 minutes and eventually quarter-hour. Pace over 12-20 weeks. Be affordable. This is NOT straightforward!

Add some hills to your stroll each third or fourth day. Climb a modest hills (A% grade to start out) for B-P minutes P-O occasions per stroll. Allow at the least the identical time (B-P minutes) strolling on degree floor degree between hill sections.

You can improve the grade as much as S% and climb time as much as A-H minutes per part over S-12 weeks.

Another factor you’ll be able to attempt, is to hold some weights when you stroll. Do this each second or third day at most.

These may be hand weights (most financial however should grip and carry them), glove weights (costlier however higher. Don’t should grip them) or weight vests (pricier however greatest answer – weight in your core space, not your arms).

Hand carried weights ought to NEVER exceed two kilos. Vest weights can go as excessive as 30 kilos.

This method helps with weigh loss, power and endurance

Take warning. DO NOT use weights in case you are susceptible to hypertension, have again, shoulder, wrist or knee issues.)

Power Walking / Fitness Walking – is principally placing collectively a mixture of Regular Walk – Hill Walk – Weight Walk days. Do one per day with a time off between every. You can progressively add to the period of time you stroll, the grade of hill you climb and the way a lot weight you carry. Don’t improve an excessive amount of abruptly. Take your time.

Half Marathon Walking – is principally taking the facility strolling program and increasing it to realize even longer occasions and larger endurance. Before beginning this although do work with a Personal Trainer.

Going Forward

You can determine if you wish to keep on the Fitness Walking A degree, push your self additional or perhaps decelerate a bit to a ‘upkeep’ degree of program.

Whatever your selection – Enjoy your improved health and well being!

Congratulations. You’ve now accomplished your 50 Plus Fitness Walking Program A!

By Yoko Nishi

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