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It seems that everywhere you turn; people are talking about the health benefits of fish oil. You hear about it on TV, the radio, the newspaper, even on the internet. But what exactly is fish oil and how does it help you?

Fish oil is extracted from fatty fish, such as salmon, sardines and mackerel along with a few other species of fish. Most people cannot take fish oil in its natural state because of the smell and taste. And there are a lot of people who cannot even eat fish because they do not like the smell and taste.

It has been shown that people that eat a lot of fish in their diet tend to have lower cholesterol than people that do not eat. But if you do not like the taste, what can you do? Well they make fish oil supplements in a variety of forms to help solve the problem. These supplements are available in liquid, capsules, pills and as a powder. There is even a fish oil supplement for vegetarians.

Numerous studies have shown that fish oil is beneficial for the heart, because it lowers the bad cholesterol and raises the good cholesterol. It also tends to lower triglycerides, which are linked to heart disease and cardiovascular disease.

Fish oil supplements have shown to be beneficial for diabetes, digestion and certain forms of cancer. Studies have linked them to improved memory functions with stroke victims, and also have been shown to lower the risk of stroke.

When you purchase fish oil supplements, you need to ensure that you are getting the purest form and highest concentration. Some supplements include other ingredients such as vitamins and antioxidants which can influence the effectiveness of the supplement.

It is possible to overdose on fish oil, especially if it has been fortified with vitamin D. Therefore, you should never exceed the maximum daily dosage. These supplements are a good thing to take on a regular basis, even if you eat fish several times a week.

So, all of the media attention given to fish oil is a good thing, especially if it gets people using them on a regular basis.

By Sydney Heiden

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