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Phobia is an irregular worry of one thing. People might endure from phobias of various sorts. Some individuals have water phobia, some have claustrophobia, some are afraid of heights, loud noises or absolutely anything. There are a number of peopling who’re well-known and have the silliest of phobias. For instance, aviophobia is quite common and lots of celebrities endure from it. This phobia is principally worry of flying. Knowing that they should journey regularly, this phobia doesn’t assist the celebrities that suffer from it.

Some of the well-known individuals who endure from aviophobia are Natalie Woods, who’s hydrophobic Whoopee Goldberg is aviophobic, and Mohammed Ali additionally has the identical phobia. Some extra celebrities who’ve aviophobia are Billy Bob Thornton, Ronald Reagan and Aretha Franklin. Some of those individuals are recognized to be courageous or robust and but they endure from such phobias.

Tennis Star Andre Agassi is understood to have arachnophobia, which is worry of spiders. Several individuals have it, however many don’t categorical it. Author Anne Rice is afraid of the darkish and this phobia is called ahluphobia.

Napoleon Bonaparte has suffered from ailurophobia, which is the worry of cats. Adolph Hitler was recognized to be claustrophobic.

A phobia is simply not having solely worry but in addition they produce other circumstances just like the individual passes out or will get stressed when she or he is put right into a state of affairs the place they should face their worry. There are therapies and drugs obtainable to struggle totally different phobias and these drugs assist to calm the thoughts. People might behave in a different way when they’re excessively stressed.

By Pauline Go

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