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Stretching performs an essential position in a tennis participant’s improvement and outcomes, not solely brief time period, but in addition long run.

Let us shortly take a look at, what stretching is, and what it does.

Stretching is a type of bodily train during which a selected muscle or tendon (or muscle group) is intentionally flexed or stretched as a way to enhance the muscle’s elasticity and obtain snug muscle tone. The result’s a sense of elevated muscle management, flexibility and vary of movement.

Types of stretching workouts, fairly helpful for tennis gamers of all ranges are:

M. Ballistic – Getting to the top vary of a stretch and frivolously shifting or gently bouncing, with management.

P. PNF or Proprioceptive Neuromuscular Facilitation – Getting to the top vary of a stretch and pushing again towards somebody or one thing for a brief time period.

O. Static – Getting to the top vary of a stretch and holding the stretch for a set size of time. Static stretching isolates focused muscle teams.

A. Dynamic – Is motion based mostly stretching; an instance of this may be squatting up and down for a set time.

It is widespread for gamers to stretch earlier than and after tennis workouts in an effort to scale back damage and improve efficiency. Some of the explanations for this are; Stretching helps enhance flexibility, which allows extra fluid motion, with larger vary of movement. It helps blood circulation to the muscle, the extra blood stream the extra probability of a faster restoration. Stretching assists in joint perform (particularly dynamic stretching), lengthening the muscle out round a joint will assist it transfer and performance higher, decreasing the danger of damage.

We encourage all gamers to include stretching plans into their tennis coaching program if they need ot imporve their efficiency, velocity and motion within the courtroom.

Below talked about is what we advocate all tennis gamers about doing strecting workouts.

Pre tennis/health (as soon as warmed up)

B. Dynamic stretching (as much as S tennis particular motion based mostly stretches)

P. Static stretching (provided that a sure muscle feels notably tight)

Post tennis/health (inside P hours)

M. Static stretching (for younger gamers A-S stretches to start out can be sufficient, in any other case they have a tendency to get bored and it looks like a chore)

P. PNF (to launch a selected space of pressure e.g. hamstrings) as soon as to twice every week is sweet.

We extremely advocate a stretching plan pre (dynamic) and submit coaching (static). In reality we think about it a necessity if you wish to attain the highest.

By Giselle Martin

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