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In our Combatives, we make the most of numerous totally different low-line kicks (i.e. under the waist). As with our different hanging methods, we give attention to kicks that aren’t extremely technical, nor do they require large flexibility. I was studying someplace lately about making methods yours, and the way it nonetheless takes apply to really purchase a talent or method, and I should agree with this mentality. Just my two cents, in fact, and although these kicks are pretty straightforward to study, they nonetheless require some coaching. We like entrance kicks, o’ou tek (hook or roundhouse) kicks, low damaging kicks (typically referred to as a stab kick), shin kicks and stomps. We don’t work Thai kicks very a lot in school as a result of they’re extra technical, in our humble opinion, and people college students with earlier coaching in different arts have a tendency to show them into snap kicks anyway. On uncommon event, we work the aspect kick. This has by no means been one in every of my private favorites, however it’s only a choice factor. We have in all probability labored the push kick (teep) a few times.

Front Kick

We use entrance kicks fairly commonly, with the groin being a standard goal. We additionally begin newbies with entrance kicks each time we do the o’ou tek collection of mixtures. It is just a bit bit simpler for them to tug off method-sensible. We typically practice the lead leg in mixtures, however there isn’t a purpose why you can’t use the rear leg and kick a area objective proper into the groin. Some people level their toes up (dorsiflexion) once they snap the kick, others hold the toes identified (plantar flexion). I guess all of it relies upon. If I have been sporting massive boots, as I typically do, and I was going to kick to the groin, I would in all probability dorsiflex. Then, my kick would look extra like a spike kick, with a bit of or no snap within the decrease leg, as properly.

I’ou Tek

We take this from JKD. It is principally a roundhouse or hook kick, and we use it under the waist with the lead leg. When I started coaching it, I additionally used a Pendulum Step. We don’t usually require the scholars to make use of that footwork, however it will be important for them to plant the ball of the foot of the rear leg on the proper angle to open up the hips. Some college students have a tough time greedy why they should flip the toes away from the kick. I had “raise and pivot” burned into my mind. In any case, we frequently practice this kick with a mixture collection. A typical mixture we use leads off with the o’ou tek, follows with a Cross – Hook – Cross and ends with the o’ou tek. I love the move of those drills.

Low Destructive Kick

With this kick we’re often aiming for a knee from numerous angles. I consider it as a stab kick due to the best way the leg is chambered and the best way kick is utilized. From the entrance, I crouch my physique just a little bit as I chamber my leg, with my instep dealing with upwards. I throw the kick down, in the direction of the knee joint, simply as if I was thrusting a blade in the direction of the goal. With sufficient pressure, I could make his knee hyper-prolong. I retract the leg simply as I may retract the blade after stabbing. I also can do that instantly from the aspect, pushing the knee inward in the direction of the other leg. It takes a variety of drive to interrupt a knee. It is a hinge joint, and subsequently isn’t meant to maneuver back and forth, nor even hyper-prolong by very many levels. Having stated that, even whether it is onerous to interrupt the knee, with the suitable mechanics, I may cause lots of ache and doubtless inflict some injury by making it transfer in methods nature didn’t intend!

Shin Kick

Unless individuals practice to deaden the shins and calcify the bone, this space of the anatomy doesn’t have a lot safety between pores and skin and bone. So naturally it’s a very good place to throw a kick. We practice with the rear leg solely. Lifting the leg barely, the aspect of the foot accelerates in the direction of the shin-the hip is open. We use the instep as an alternative of the toe for the putting floor as a result of it’s tough to make contact with toe to shin, particularly beneath duress. Sometimes we scrape or drag the foot slightly bit throughout the bottom till we get near the goal, (like kicking up filth) then explode with the foot into the shin bone. Once the foot is planted to the aspect, after the kick, there’s a good alternative for a downward elbow strike. We practice this on one of many Slammer pads, however you might additionally practice this on a bit of PVC pipe with a large diameter. Very good, certainly.


Okay, now I need you to concentrate about this one. People already assume they know easy methods to stomp, however I need you to stomp BETTER. Bring your self immediately adjoining to the goal. Lift your physique up and raise your knee. Now, deliver all of your body weight to bear on the goal, like you’re squashing a humongous cockroach together with your foot. BAM! No love faucets or nudges, right here. Think of your leg as a strong piston. A stomp is good insurance coverage. You triumphantly received him to the bottom by some means, and also you need to guarantee you’ve gotten stopped this menace. Maybe you need to maintain him from getting up and operating after you. Maybe you need to destroy the weapon-retaining hand. Perhaps he’s simply kneeling, and also you need to be sure that he doesn’t bounce again as much as attempt one thing silly. Expect that you simply may break the ankle, or if he’s susceptible and his foot is dorisflexed (toe pointing in the direction of floor), you may do horrible issues to the Achilles–similar factor if he’s kneeling. I see this one as a ending transfer IF I STILL FEEL HE IS A THREAT. Obviously, solely you can also make that willpower inside the context of your state of affairs.

I will keep away from stepping into the mechanics of the Thai kick, aspect kick or push kick-we don’t use them very a lot in our Combatives. They are superior instruments, and for those who practice in Muay Thai or different arts, they’re undoubtedly worthwhile, however they require far more coaching to grasp, for my part. I just lately discovered an fascinating article about excessive kicks, and it discusses whether or not or not they’re “nugatory.” A lot of parents say they’re too dangerous for the road, however you recognize, there are in all probability some on the market with the timing and velocity who can truly pull them off with relative ease. It is as much as the person and his/her coaching. We have by no means stated that our means is the one method-that’s flawed considering. Nevertheless, we do know that these specific kicks are fast to study and straightforward to retain. It is an effective factor to have methods that aren’t overly difficult and are quick to accumulate-if the struggle finds you tomorrow, you need to use them instantly!

By Steven Mosley

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