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Character traits are free to everybody! They are yours for the taking. That is the excellent news. The dangerous information is that so few care about character traits. Oh, some may agree that they’re all proper in enterprise, so long as they don’t impinge on particular person life. Some could also be fascinated by educating character traits to younger youngsters in class. A few might imagine character traits are fantastic inside the household, if the mother and father are into that kind of factor. What the actions of many say loudly is that this: “Character traits are positive for different individuals, however I neither need nor want them.”

But character traits are free!

Does that imply you will notice them flying off the cabinets? Not in any respect. In reality, a rising phase of society appears to assume that they belong within the again corners of dusty vintage outlets. That a part of society thinks that it’s dreadfully quaint to speak about character traits – if one is in any respect capable of outline the time period.

But they’re free!

Where else are you able to get such worthwhile commodities for free of charge? Where can you discover one thing free that may aid you get monetary savings for the remainder of your life? Who will provide you with, freed from cost or taxes, merchandise that assist maintain you and your loved ones safer? Name one complimentary product that may extra enormously enhance your relationships.

Imagine with the ability to train such duty that you’re all the time in demand as an worker. Your punctuality is appreciated, as are your willpower, diligence, resourcefulness, thoroughness, effectivity, cooperation, discernment, dependability, and a number of different character traits.

Picture your self discovering that your checking account has begun to develop. You haven’t made up a brand new price range, however your strengthening self-management, creativity, resourcefulness, and thriftiness have progressively saved your cash.

These are presents! They are “on the home,” so to talk. They could make your life a lot better. Why would you not need them?

Let’s take a couple of minutes to get acquainted with this bundle of presents.


We outline character traits because the qualities that set aside a person who has and workouts excessive ethical values. They are the distinguishing options that inform us that an individual has ethical values. They are the indications of excessive ethical values current in a life. You may say that character traits are the DNA of morality.

Common Elements

Character traits share sure widespread parts. Those parts are true of all of them. Let’s take a look at simply 5:

Knowledge > aspiration > motion. You start to construct all character traits by gaining information of their meanings. That information produces aspiration to have them in your life. Aspiration points forth steadily into motion as you start to train every one rigorously in your every day life.

Consequences to simply accept beforehand. The train of those qualities includes penalties – typically nice and typically disagreeable. You should settle for recognized and unknown penalties, no matter they’re, earlier than taking motion.

Potential private sacrifice. Many of those behaviors would require private sacrifice of you. You might acknowledge potential sacrifice forward of time, or it might come as a shock. You have to be prepared to take self out of first place.

Steadiness in private and non-private. These qualities have to be as regular as bodily traits. You can’t press a button to make your self thirty kilos thinner in public, and press it once more to return to your regular weight in personal. Neither are you able to train excessive ethical values in public when individuals are watching, and revert to the other in personal.

Mutually inclusivity. You won’t ever discover mutual exclusivity. That is, the train of 1 by no means makes it inconceivable to train another on the similar time. Example: Love by no means cancels out honesty.

Evil Twins

Character traits have this additionally in widespread. Each one has an evil twin. The evil twin is the other, and signifies immorality as an alternative of morality.

For instance, integrity’s evil twin is duplicity. Responsibility’s evil twin is irresponsibility. Respect’s evil twin is disrespect. Honesty’s evil twin is dishonesty.

Imagine that you’re adopting a toddler. You apply to an adoption company, and study that they’ve a set of twins. The company approves you for just one youngster, nevertheless. Your revenue and residential state of affairs won’t will let you undertake each youngsters. You should select one or the opposite.

You go right into a darkened room and the twins are taken into an adjoining room to play collectively as you watch via a one-method mirror. It takes only a few minutes to see that one twin is clearly cooperative and pleasant, whereas the opposite is simply as clearly egocentric and antagonistic. Which do you select?

No Other Choices

Character traits are free to everybody – and everybody might select whether or not they need them or don’t need them. If you don’t select to construct and train them, nevertheless, you’re selecting the other. You are selecting to strengthen your immorality. You haven’t any different decisions.

By Elizabeth L Hamilton

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