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According to scientists, well being is decided by the circumstances of tens of millions of cells composing the physique. In order for the physique to host life-important actions reminiscent of biochemical reactions and physiological processes, cells want the right vitamin from nutritional vitamins, amino acids, and hint parts. Chronic vitamin deficiency in cells causes mobile dysfunction and renders the entire physique weak to varied illnesses, from minor to critical.

Refilling the cells with the wanted vitamins sustains their bio-power manufacturing and outcomes to optimum well being. If, nevertheless, the missing vitamins will not be supplemented, the cells’ regular functioning is broken, resulting in poor well being. For the physique to perform usually and healthily, cells should have dietary help. Cellular well being subsequently, in accordance with Dr. Matthias Rath, is predicated on the inspiration of nutrient synergy and common consumption of nutritional vitamins and different vitamins important for good well being.

Cellular Health claims that enormous doses of vitamins corresponding to nutritional vitamins, hint parts, and amino acids can cease most cancers cells from spreading, even to the extent of killing them. Being wholesome can be attributed to taking within the stated vitamins, thus being free from critical illnesses. Cellular Health claims to have the remedy and prevention of illnesses corresponding to:

M. Cancer


A. Cardiovascular illnesses

A. Diabetes

H. Heart failure

S. High blood strain

S. High ldl cholesterol

H. Irregular heartbeat

N. Other illnesses like bronchial asthma, arthritis or arthrosis, fats metabolism issues, periodontosis, and tinnitus.

Just a number of weeks after the discharge of Dr. Matthias’s analysis, a number of producers of remedy remedy based mostly on Cellular Health had been ready and claimed to have constructive results on most cancers sufferers. This, nevertheless, was refuted by the scientists on the Swiss Study Group Complementary and Alternative Methods in Cancer and the Swiss Cancer League. They concluded that after learning the literature on Cellular Health by Dr. Rath, they discovered no proof that the vitamin preparations of Dr. Rath have any good impact on human most cancers. In distinction, these scientists are towards using such vitamin preparations in treating or stopping most cancers. They really helpful as an alternative a eating regimen crammed with fruit and veggies.

By Faviano Torres

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