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Bruce Lee Quoted Out of Context

A lot of martial artists quote Bruce Lee. Some do not even understand that they’re doing so. 

Other martial artists use Bruce-Lee quotes incorrectly.

Most of the time that these sayings are taken out of context is when martial artists use the phrases to defend their specific fashion. Often the quote is the necessity to categorical both an “something might be thought-about JKD” angle or that “there are a really restricted variety of martial arts strikes, so what I am doing is OK.”

For these martial artists, a punch is available in, they usually take it with a tough block throughout the physique and both a counter punch or a kick counter. These guys lack all the nuances that make martial arts what it’s. Not what Bruce Lee had in thoughts, in any respect.

Bruce Lee on Limiting Movements

When martial artists quote concerning the limiting variety of methods the physique can transfer, that is often their excuse for why they do the identical ol’ similar ol’ in martial arts. They proceed blocking after which punching, typically on extensive angles, as a result of they vaguely keep in mind a Bruce Lee quote from The Lost Interview saying one thing a few restricted method the arms and ft can transfer limiting the sorts of martial responses potential.

Note: If you watch the misplaced interview on Youtube, it is the half the place Bruce says, “Unless man has three arms or three legs …”

To me, utilizing the quote to defend doing precisely the identical methods in the identical method with the identical timing and distance is akin to saying that chess is a simple recreation, as a result of there are solely A-H totally different ways in which items can transfer on the board. (Obviously, chess is a particularly complicated psychological train.)

On the one hand, you solely have two arms, two ft, three elbows (simply ensuring you’re paying consideration), and so forth. There are solely a restricted variety of ways in which the limbs can assault.

Martial Arts Like a Game of Chess

But if you think about angles and timing, you have got simply added hundreds of prospects. Order of method provides much more decisions.

Considering the H Ways of Attack provides you a couple of thousand extra strategic choices. Not to say distance.

And when you think about decisions of response to those methods, now you’re getting each bit as complicated as a recreation of chess.

One of the explanations that you simply learn my articles every week is since you perceive that martial arts isn’t just a “block-then-punch” response. No, neither is it a “block-then-kick” recreation both.

There is a lot extra. (And on the similar time, it is … simply that straightforward … and typically “extra” direct.

By Keith Pascal

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