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STEP ONE: Do you understand when to cease? Do you understand how a lot is sufficient? Especially with mind damage and age associated mind health decline, overwhelm defeats motivation each time.

Do you get overwhelmed? Okay, right here is the answer. Decide precisely how a lot you will do and the way you’ll measure it. For instance, if you will do some gardening or strolling, determine on 20 minutes. Then set the kitchen timer for 20 minutes. When the bell rings, cease.

Now, when you realize you possibly can cease after 20 minutes, do you are feeling extra inspired? It’s simply 20 minutes! Feeling like you are able to do it creates the motivation wheel. This is the first step. Know when to cease. Decide on how a lot you will do. When the timer rings, cease.

COACHING TIP: If you continue to do not feel like doing it, reduce your effort/time in half and check out once more. Keep slicing the trouble/time in half till you it is really easy that you simply snigger as you get into motion! For instance: 20 minutes an excessive amount of? Set timer for 10 minutes. Just get that motivation wheel shifting!

STEP TWO: Do you rely your effort like cash of gold? Do you simply overlook what you probably did yesterday or final week? When you take a look at your effort at present, you kill motivation by considering that 20 minutes will do no good.

The answer is to get enjoyable stickers. Put a sticker in your calendar or chart each time you set in your measured quantity of effort from the first step. Now rely the stickers in your calendar like they have been cash of gold! Congratulate your self as a result of your stack of golden effort is rising. Fall in love with rising your stack of gold.

When you rely and congratulate your self every day for rising that stack of golden effort, you’re creating momentum. Momentum signifies that your wheel is choosing up velocity. When you create momentum, motivation is not a problem. Stack your effort. Count it like cash of gold. Create momentum.

STEP THREE: Do you recognize precisely how far you will have travelled? Everyone is aware of the place they need to go. Motivation is usually killed once you look ahead on the distance left to journey to your aim. It appears up to now…inconceivable! However, whenever you look again to see how far you will have come that may be a highly effective motivator. Dwell on the details of what you’ve finished.

This is the place a earlier than check is so essential. Many individuals ignore making a earlier than check as a result of they’re embarrassed by this info. Stop what you’re doing, and take these applicable measurements proper now. Take a photograph of your weedy backyard or unpainted room, stand on that scale, wrap the tape round your waist, time the minutes it takes to stroll to the mall. You want that earlier than knowledge. Put it within the drawer.

Now each month, take the identical measurements, pull the earlier than knowledge out of the drawer, and rejoice how far you have got come. Seeing proof of success retains that wheel rolling for an additional month. Inch by inch, life’s a cinch. Keep data so you possibly can’t overlook. Review month-to-month how your stack of effort is altering your knowledge. Dwell in your proof of success. Remember, each step, regardless of how small, counts.

When you employ these A stunningly easy steps your motivation will develop into your highly effective ally. Soon you may be leaping buildings in a single stride! Celebrate.

By Linda Schaumleffel

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