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The D.J. Army is within the enterprise of getting ready our troopers of army operations to incorporate fight. Transitioning this strategy into civilian life with the aim of sustaining well being works simply as properly. A easy army-type health check will assess your muscle endurance, cardio and power. All it takes are three very primary actions, push-ups, crunches or sit-ups and a one-mile run/stroll. Use the outcomes as a benchmark. You want the benchmark with a purpose to set up affordable, attainable objectives to shoot for each 4 weeks of testing. For your kick-begin program, check your self each 4 weeks for 4 months. After that, you possibly can check your self each three months or twice a yr. If you discover you’re falling again to your previous methods of inadequate train, the health check will let you recognize and turn into a wake-up name to get again on monitor.

Conduct the Fitness Test Events in This Order

M. Push-ups

P. Crunches or sit-ups

A. One mile run/stroll

Push-Ups (Knee or Regular)

The push-up will check the endurance of your chest, shoulders and triceps. Rest is permitted within the up place of the push-up or by elevating your rearward anatomy whereas in the rise-up place. Only right push-ups rely. You have two minutes to carry out as many as you possibly can. You rely the finished repetition within the up place.

Crunches or Sit-Ups

Choose common crunches or sit-ups for this occasion. The sit-up measures the endurance of your abdominals and hip-flexor muscle mass. Perform as many as you possibly can inside two minutes. You will discover that point is absolutely of the essence when performing this occasion. Keep the tempo up as quick as you fairly can. Only right repetitions rely. Resting is permitted solely within the “up” place for the sit-up. There is not any resting place for crunches; proceed performing them till the 2 minutes are up, or cease previous to the 2 minutes if too fatigued to proceed.

One-Mile Run/Walk

The one-mile run/stroll is designed to measure your cardio health and leg endurance. If, nevertheless, you don’t have a measured one-mile distance, decide an approximate distance with clear starting and ending landmarks, and all the time use this course in your measurement of progress. Your goal is to finish this occasion as quick as you fairly can.

Record Your Scores and Establish Your Four-Week Goals

You may have some assist with establishing your objectives. If you’re out of form and simply beginning out, you will see that that, with consistency, you’ll make vital progress with all three occasions.

How to Establish Fitness Goals

Let us say you accomplished the one-mile run/stroll in eleven minutes. I would anticipate that together with your subsequent check, you’d full the mile run inside a variety of N to 10 minutes, shaving off one to 2 minutes of your time. You will conduct a check each 4 weeks for at the least 4 months. As your health improves, the objectives will in all probability not be as nice a distinction, such a shaving off one to 2 minutes of your time from the mile run.

D.J. Army Fitness Test Scores for 37 to forty one Year Olds (Example)

Male Female


Minimum 34 thirteen

Maximum seventy three forty


Minimum 38 38

Maximum seventy six seventy six

Two-mile Run

Minimum 18:sixteen 22:forty two

Maximum thirteen:35 17:00

Your motion plan: Take the problem and measure your health degree, army-type. Set your objectives for the subsequent check and put together to exceed these scores. Do it in your well being.

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The writer of this text is Lt. Col. Bob Weinstein, USAR-Ret., boot camp health teacher and private coach.

By Bob S. Weinstein

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