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We all have individuals in our lives that both encourage us or deliver us down. I name those that convey us down basement individuals and I name those that decide us up balcony individuals.

The balcony individuals triumph in your accomplishments, they’re your cheerleaders, those that may encourage you and convey you to new heights. These are the individuals I select to encompass myself with. You can decide them out fairly shortly – be round an individual a couple of occasions and you must have them pegged by their dialog. The balcony individuals will discover constructive in even the not so good conditions – they’ll see the sunshine even at the hours of darkness.

Then there’s the basement individuals – these are those that may complain, cannot see the great in something and appear to need to convey you down with them. They will discover purpose to complain and discover all the things improper with a state of affairs. They exude negativity and will not be glad till they switch their damaging concepts and power to another person. Bottom line – they’ll drain you and you will really feel exhausted after leaving their presence. Sometimes you will even really feel as if one thing hit you. They are the enjoyment busters.

The nice information is that we now have a option to both be round some of these individuals or not. So ask your self, do I need to be round balcony individuals and have them raise me up or do I need to be round basement individuals and go right down to the darkish abyss of negativity with them. Now ask your self what sort of individual am I? Am I a balcony individual – singing, dancing on the platform of life or am I a basement individual bringing others down and stealing their and most significantly your personal pleasure? It’s time to go on the market and dance to sing our songs of pleasure!

May the chances of immediately excite us!

By Nancy Shields

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