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The FITT Principle

The FITT precept is a really primary precept to make use of to get probably the most out of your train program. FITT is an acronym and it stands for Frequency, Intensity, Time, and Type. If you perceive this precept it is possible for you to to switch your exercises so you’ll by no means hit a plateau. This signifies that your physique has tailored to what you have got been giving it and it’ll not adapt in the event you hold giving it the identical factor.


Let’s begin with Frequency. Frequency refers to what number of occasions you train every week. Frequency is essential as a result of in the event you solely train as soon as every week you’ll not likely see too many outcomes. Think about it like brushing your tooth and making it a every day behavior. Can you think about what would occur to your tooth in the event you solely brushed them as soon as every week? Instead you need to train on a traditional foundation. There is a connection between how typically you train, your outward look and the way wholesome you’re. It is really helpful that adults 18 and over get at the least half-hour of bodily exercise a minimum of H days every week to stay wholesome. If you’ve gotten been overweight it is suggested you do 60 minutes a day to maintain the load off.


If you need to see outcomes out of your train program, then it is advisable improve the depth. Just how exhausting do you have to work? This is a important query as a result of in case you work too onerous you might find yourself injured, but when you don’t work arduous sufficient outcomes will probably be minimal at greatest.

How onerous do you have to train to develop a suitable degree of health? This will depend on the health element: cardiovascular, muscular power, muscular endurance, or flexibility. It additionally depends upon the extent of health you’re at presently. If you need to enhance your cardiovascular health then you want to make your coronary heart work more durable than it usually does. The depth of your cardiovascular exercise is indicated by what number of beats per minute your coronary heart beats throughout your exercise. The extra intense you make the train the quicker your coronary heart goes to beat. One strategy to make your coronary heart work more durable is to run quicker. If you need to improve the depth for muscular power or muscular endurance lifting a heavier weight will improve the depth. To increase the depth for flexibility enchancment, you should work more durable to stretch the muscle past regular size. Out of the 4 alternative ways to vary your exercise altering your depth is probably the most useful and can deliver you the best outcomes.


Time refers to how lengthy you train. How many minutes do you stroll or jog (cardiovascular), raise weights (muscular power and muscular endurance), or carry out stretching workouts (flexibility)? In order on your train session to be efficient you should keep your train for a sure period of time. Example, to be able to keep cardiovascular health it is best to keep the exercise for no less than 20-60 minutes.

Research has proven that as time of train will increase the depth degree decreases. If you recall that depth is crucial element of the FITT precept. You can improve your depth by reducing your time. This will permit you to train at a better degree. Instead of jogging at a sluggish tempo for forty minutes you may jog quicker for half the time. If an train is just too intense you’ll be able to lower the depth by lengthening the train time and doing it at a extra average tempo. Over time you must improve your train time or depth. If you’re excessively obese doing decrease depth train corresponding to strolling for less than 15-20 minutes is beneficial.


Type refers to what sort of train are you performing, corresponding to strolling, jogging, swimming, or lifting weights, in addition to many others. It is necessary to vary what sort of train you do to stop boredom and to differ what muscle teams you’re exercising. Keeping your physique guessing will enhance your power and nicely assist decrease your physique fats proportion.

By making use of the elements of the FITT Principle you must by no means attain a plateau. Making easy modifications to your exercise program will maintain it recent and thrilling by continually difficult your physique to adapt to the demand that’s positioned on it.

By Paul M Farmer

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