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Here are some superior stomach workouts to take these abs to the subsequent degree.


Don’t you consider getting up! We’re not finished, but. The subsequent train is the sit-up. This train is among the occasions within the Army Physical Fitness Test. If you are not used to doing a sit-up, these muscle tissues will want some creating. Your movement ought to be clean, no jerking your physique up. If you possibly can’t go all the best way up, begin out by going so far as you possibly can. You’re in your again with palms clasped behind your head and ft rather less than shoulder width aside with bent knees and ft on the bottom. Curl your physique as much as the purpose the place you’ve got introduced your physique out of the vary of exertion. When you are out of the vary of exertion and it turns into straightforward, then decrease it again down within the beginning place with the identical clean movement. That’s one repetition. Perform 10 to 50 reps per set. If you’re having difficulties, use a sluggish rely till you develop these muscle mass.


You’re in your again. Raise each your legs collectively as excessive as you’ll be able to. With your arms prolonged, palms dealing with down and arms shut collectively, attain on your toes after which again to the beginning place with shoulders and again on the bottom. If you possibly can contact your toes, that is nice. If not, do the most effective you possibly can and maintain working and do not hand over. The muscular tissues are nonetheless having fun with the good thing about being labored. Make positive you’re elevating the shoulders ever so barely when reaching in your toes.


Here’s one other nice stomach train. We’ll name it the alternating elbow crunch. You’re in your again. Your arms are clasped behind your head. Your left leg is bent with the foot on the bottom. Cross your proper leg over your left knee. Take your left elbow and attain in your proper knee and again down. That is one rep. Use a clean movement. Don’t be involved if you cannot attain your leg together with your elbow. Do one of the best you’ll be able to. Remember, by performing the train you’re working these muscle tissues even with a partial movement. Now change off by crossing your left leg over your proper knee, attain on your knee together with your proper elbow and do it once more.


It’s time for atomic sit-ups. Yeah. That’s proper! We’re going nuclear! Lay down in your again with legs prolonged and arms prolonged to your sides. The beginning place is with legs six inches off the bottom. Now pull your knees and your chest to the center the place you’re able balanced in your butt. Your physique is briefly in that jack-knifed place. As you progress into this place, bend your elbows in order that your palms are at your shoulders. Now decrease your legs again out to the prolonged place six inches off the bottom together with your arms prolonged. That’s one rep. Perform 10 to forty reps per set.

Your Action Plan: Get to work on enhancing your stomach power by performing these workouts 5 to 6 days per week. If that is too difficult, begin out with three days per week.

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The writer of this text is Lt. Col. Bob Weinstein, USAR-Ret., boot camp health teacher and private coach.

By Bob S. Weinstein

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